Oxide Powder

Luoyang Trunnano Tech Co., Ltd provide high purity ATO powder, ITO powder, Indium Oxide, Silicon dioxide, Tungsten Oxide, Manganese Dioxide, Nickel Oxide, Bismuth Oxide, Cuprous Oxide, Zinc Oxide, Zirconium Oxide, titanium oxide, aluminum oxide, tungsten oxide.
Metal oxides are widely used in daily life. Quicklime is a commonly used desiccant and can also be used for disinfection; iron oxide (Fe2O3), commonly known as iron red, can be used as a red pigment; some of the catalysts used in industrial processes are also metal oxides.
A metal oxide is a compound formed by combining a metal element and an oxygen element. The valence metal generally has a plurality of oxides. For example, the iron element has two kinds of oxides of ferrous oxide (FeO) and iron oxide (Fe3O4 is ferrous ferrite and belongs to the salt).
Metal oxides are an important class of catalysts and have been widely used in the field of catalysis. After nano-metallization, the catalytic performance is better. It is foreseeable that nano-metal oxides will be an important direction for catalyst development.

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Storage conditions: 1) Store in a dry environment at room temperature.
                                2) Avoid damp and high temperature.
                                3) Use immediately after opening the inner packing bag.
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