Preparation and application of titanium nitride thin films
The research on TiN thin films started as early as the 1960s, but the difficulties in the preparation of materials and devices led to a low tide of research work. Later, with the improvement of film preparation technology, the research on TiN films began
Silicon Nitride Material Properties And Si3N4 Ceramic Applications
Silicon nitride is a relevant structural ceramic material. Silicon nitride formula Si3N4, it is a super-hard substance, which has lubricating and wears resistance, and is an atomic crystal; it is resistant to oxidation at high temperatures. Si3N4 powder c
The properties, preparation and common applications of bismuth trioxide
Bismuth trioxide Bi2O3 is an important functional material, and it mainly exists in the four crystal types, i.e., roof, net and. Different crystal types can be applied in different ways. Leume type is a yellow monoclinic crystal with a relative density of
Nanoscale 3D printing of 3D printing metamaterial series
As part of the 3D printing metamaterial series, this article will continue to explore nano 3D printing technology, which is dedicated to printing individual nanoscale biomedical and electronic devices, which are usually used for research purposes. At pres
Research On Nano Silica Application And Nano Silicon Dioxide Surface Modification
Nano Silica Application: The application of nano-silica is very extensive, generally, the weight is 0.5-2%, and the individual product system can be more than 10%. The key to product performance is: fully dispersed into the system. According to different
Additive manufacturing TA32 titanium alloy powder research and development results-excellent mechanical properties
The development of the additive manufacturing industry has attracted a series of companies to enter the metal powder supply market. Out of the favor of titanium alloys and superalloys in the aerospace industry and medical fields, titanium alloys and super
The main application of titanium silicide
With the rapid development of ultra-large-scale integrated circuits (ULSI), the size of equipment and devices is getting smaller and smaller, and people's requirements for device size and film quality and thickness uniformity are also increasing. At prese
China successfully completed the first space 3D printing. What did it print on the spacecraft?
This time, a "3D printer" was also installed on the new-generation manned spacecraft test ship. This is China's first space 3D printing experiment and the first international 3D printing experiment of continuous fiber-reinforced composite materials in spa
Study on production technology of spherical graphite
The formation of natural flake graphite is formed under extremely high temperature and high pressure. Therefore, the crystallinity is often very good, the degree of graphitization is high, and the capacity of the processed negative electrode material can
Ultra-fast high-temperature sintering method 10 seconds to quickly fire ceramics-can produce delicate 3D printed structures
​​​​​​​In the medium to long term, the added value of 3D printed ceramic components will drive users' demand for ceramic additive manufacturing hardware and materials. For the application of engineering ceramics and advanced ceramic materials, this trend
Knowledge About Copper Nanopartices Properties And Nano Copper Powder Uses
Nano-copper has superplastic elasticity, which can be elongated more than 50 times at room temperature without cracks. Researchers at the French National Research Center found that copper nanocrystals with an average volume of only 80 nanometers have amaz
The main application and preparation method of titanium silicide
With the rapid development of ultra-large scale integrated circuits (ULSI), the size of equipment and devices is getting smaller and smaller, and people's requirements for device size and film quality and thickness uniformity are also increasing. At prese
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