Properties And Application Of Tungsten Carbide
Tungsten carbide is used to manufacture cutting tools, wear-resistant parts, smelting crucibles for metals such as copper, cobalt, and bismuth, and wear-resistant semiconductor films.
What Are The Zirconium Diboride Properties And Application Of Zirconium Boride?
Zirconium boride is a chemical substance with the molecular formula ZrB2. Zirconium boride is a hard gray crystal. Zirconium boride has three components: zirconium mono-boride, zirconium diboride, and zirconium triboride. Only zirconium diboride is stable
New Application Of Tungsten Powder-Indirect Metal 3D Printing Tungsten Alloy Powder
Tungsten powder is greyish black metal with metallic lustre (body-centred cubic crystal). Melting point 3400℃. Boiling point 5555℃. The hardness of tungsten powder is the hardest among metals.
What Are The Applications of Nano Tungsten Disulfide?
The research of two-dimensional layered materials has attracted attention of scientists in recent years, especially the rapidly developing graphene nanomaterials, which have the characteristics of high strength, excellent electrical and thermal conductivi
Metal Tungsten May Be Used As A Raw Material For 3D Printing
Tungsten powder metal tungsten is the raw material for preparing tungsten processed materials, tungsten alloys, and tungsten products.
Why to Use Indium Tin Oxide in Electrodes? Cheap, Flexible And Recyclable
ITO is an N-type oxide semiconductor-indium tin oxide. The ITO film, which is an indium tin oxide semiconductor transparent conductive film, usually has two performance indicators: resistivity and light transmittance.
Application Fields And Classification Of Copper Powder
Copper powder: a powder formed by grinding copper into powder, widely used in powder metallurgy,electrical carbon products, electronic materials, metal coatings, chemical catalysts, filters, heat pipes and other electromechanical parts and electric aviati
Titanium Nitride Properties And Application of Titanium Nitride Ceramic Materials Iin The Market
Titanium nitride powder has an attractive golden yellow color, high melting point, high hardness, good chemical stability, small wetting with metal, and has high electrical conductivity and superconductivity, which can be applied to high-temperature struc
Progress in scientific research using waste plastics as 3D printing consumables
Plastic products have been widely used in various industries because of their advantages of low cost, lightweight, high strength, corrosion resistance, convenient processing, high insulation and beautiful appearance. According to statistics, in 2019, the
Four Processing Methods And Precautions For Teflon PTFE Plastic Materials
Teflon PTFE plastic raw material processing is roughly divided into four types: compression moulding, roll moulding, injection moulding, and secondary processing.
The Transition Metal Tungsten Telluride Has Unique And Extraordinary Electrical And Optical Properties
Tungsten telluride (WTe2) is a transition group metal chalcogenide compound with a layered structure. In its orthogonal unit cell, the tungsten chain is distributed one-dimensionally along the a-axis direction of the tellurium layer, and it is a non-magne
High Purity Bismuth Oxide Powder Information And Bismuth Oxide Properties
Trunnano is committed to providing various comprehensive products, services, and solutions for advanced materials research. Trunnano serves the scientific research and production activities of universities, research institutes, enterprises, and institutio
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