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Fire in Kuwait residential building kills at least 35 people - Fire-resistant building materials are critical
Silicon Hexaboride (SiB6), also known as boronite has strong chemical stability and can maintain structural integrity even at extreme temperatures. It is not easy to react with oxygen or other substances in the air, thus effectively blocking the spread of
The fire incident at the world's largest lithium-ion energy storage power station
A key role of calcium hexaboride is as an additive to improve the performance of refractory materials
The fourth test flight of "Starship" was successful! Musk: A huge achievement
On June 6, 2024, SpaceX Starship conducted its fourth orbital flight test, and the launch site was still located at the Boca Chica Starship Base on the Gulf of Mexico in Texas, USA.
Sam sung Electronics is expanding its semiconductor "packaging alliance"
Sam sung Electronics initiated the MDI Alliance in June 2023 to cope with the rapid growth of the mobile and HPC application chip market. Sam sung will work with its partner companies and major players in memory, substrate packaging, and testing.
BYD's annual sales target has been completed by 35%
BYD released the latest production and sales data showing that a total of 331,817 new energy vehicles were sold in May.
Oxygen removal improves graphene quality for large-scale production
Graphene has been called the "wonder material of the 21st century." Since its discovery in 2004, this single-layer carbon atom material has been highly praised for its many unique properties.
Audi Q4 e-tron Cham pion Commemorative Edition Limited to 50 Units
Recently, Audi officially released the official pictures of its Audi Q4 e-tron cham pion commemorative edition.
Micro soft lists the top ten advantages of Win11: attracting Win10 users, will you upgrade?
Micro soft recently released an update on its official support page, reminding Windows 10 users that the relevant support will end in October next year and calling on users to upgrade to Windows 11 as soon as possible.
"Flow Technology", how to make robot lubrication easier
While developing rapidly, robots also face certain difficulties, among which lubrication is a major difficulty. It is reported that about 80% of the parts of industrial robots are damaged due to friction and wear.
If you want to increase the effect and strength of silicone defoamer, why not consider fumed silica?
Fumed silica is one of the extremely important new high-tech ultrafine inorganic materials. There are generally two categories of products: treated and non-treated.
Special optical fiber accelerates the outbreak
In the field of optical fiber communications, the application of tellurium dioxide is also attracting attention.
The interaction between dense TiO2 layer and mesoporous TiO2 layer
The dense TiO₂ layer and mesoporous TiO₂ layer play a vital role in solar cells and other devices. They each have unique functions and properties, which jointly affect the performance and stability of the device.
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