An Ultra-high Temperature Structural Ceramic Material: Zirconium Diboride Ceramics
Zirconium boride is a chemical substance and its molecular formula is ZrB2. Nature gray hard crystal. Zirconium boride has three components: zirconium monoboride, zirconium diboride, and zirconium triboride.
The Properties And Application of Spherical Alumina
Spherical alumina has the characteristics of high sphericity rate and high content of α-phase alumina. It shows superior performance when used as a filler for rubber, plastics and ceramic materials.
New Zirconium Carbide Ceramic Materials Make Solar Power Generation Cheaper
Zirconium carbide ceramic material has high electrical conductivity and can be used as a heat protection material in aerospace vehicles and propulsion systems.
New Breakthrough in Solar Energy Application: Converting Carbon Dioxide into Fuel
Molybdenum carbide has the characteristics of high melting point and hardness, good thermal and mechanical stability, and excellent corrosion resistance.
Algae Extracts Controllable Synthesis of Vanadium Carbide Nanosheets with Enhanced Photothermal Performance in the Near Infrared Region
Vanadium carbide is a black crystal with a density of approximately 5.25~5.4g/cm3 and a melting point of 2750℃, which is slightly harder than quartz.
Catalyst Iron Carbide with Broad Application Prospects
Iron carbide, a kind of transition metal carbide, has high conductivity, electrochemical stability and excellent rate performance, and is regarded as the next generation of lithium-ion battery anode materials.
About The Preparation Method And Overview Of Aluminum Carbide
Aluminum carbide, also known as three-carbon four-aluminum, has a molecular formula of AL4C3, which is a kind of aluminum carbide.
The Invention Relates to a Preparation Method and a Process of Aluminum Diboride Powder
Aluminum diboride (AlB2) is characterized by high theoretical combustion heat, high melting point, good chemical stability and good aluminum grain refining effect, which makes it show good application potential in many fields.
Boron Carbide and Silicon Can Make Body Armor More Impact
Boron carbide, also known as black diamond, has a molecular formula of B4C, and is usually gray-black powder. It is one of the three hardest materials known and is used in tank armor, body shields and many industrial applications.
The World's Most Heat-resistant Material Tantalum Carbide
Tantalum carbide is a light brown metallic cubic crystalline powder, belonging to the sodium chloride type cubic crystal system.
Preparation and Application of Tantalum Diboride
Tantalum Boride powder is mainly prepared by thermal reduction of Tantalum penoxide powder and carbon black or graphite powder.
Carbon-Coated Silicon Material: an Ideal Anode Material for Lithium Batteries
Silicon has an ultra-high theoretical lithium insertion capacity, about ten times that of carbon materials, and has the advantages of a charging and discharging platform similar to graphite, low price and abundant sources.
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