Why cuprous oxide is almost insoluble in water
Cuprous oxide is the oxide of univalent copper, a bright red powdery solid, almost insoluble in water, and disproportionated into bivalent copper in an acid solution
What are the applications of molybdenum disulfide?
Molybdenum disulfide, lead-grey glossy powder, synthetic black. Sublimation begins at 40℃. Soluble in aqua regia and hot concentrated sulfuric acid, insoluble in water and dilute acid. The relative density (d1515) is 5.06. The melting point is 2375℃.
What is the composition of alumina powder?
Aluminium Oxide Powder Al2O3 Nanoparticles have a stable crystal phase, high hardness, and good dimensional stability, which can be widely used in various plastic, rubber, and ceramic products.
What are the functions of Ferroferric oxide powder?
Ferroferric oxide, chemical formula Fe3O4, commonly known as iron oxide black, magnet, magnetite and black iron oxide, is a kind of black crystal with magnetism. Also known as magnetic iron oxide.
What are the functions of manganese dioxide?
Manganese dioxide, an inorganic compound, is used in the preparation of manganese salts and also as an oxidant, rust remover and catalyst. It is also often used as an oxidant and also used in steelmaking, glass, ceramics, enamel, dry batteries, matches, m
How is the safety of zinc sulfide?
Zinc sulfide is a white to grey or light yellow powder. The light turns dark. It is stable in dry air and gradually oxidizes to zinc sulfate when it is stored in wet air for a long time or contains moisture. Soluble in dilute inorganic acid, soluble in al
What is the action mechanism of water reducer?
Water reducing agent means that under the condition of constant workability of concrete and cement dosage, it can reduce mixing water consumption and improve concrete strength; Or under the condition of constant workability and strength, it can save the d
Influence of Titanium Silicon Carbide Ceramics on Environment
Titanium silicon carbide ceramic is a new ceramic material whose main component is titanium silicon carbide (Ti3SiC2), which was discovered in the 1980s and 1990s. It has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity and excellent processability.
What is the important role of sodium silicate?
sodium silicate(Na2O·nSiO2), also known as bubble flower alkali, belongs to an inorganic substance. Its aqueous solution, commonly known as water glass, is a mineral adhesive. It also belongs to a soluble inorganic silicate, extremely versatile.
What's amazing about chromium carbide?
Chromium Carbide(Cr3C2), also known as chromium radiocarbon, belongs to an inorganic compound with a molecular weight of 180.01.
What important role does graphite powder have?
Graphite powder is a mineral powder. It is mainly composed of carbon particles, and its soft, black-gray surface, touched greasy, will pollute the paper. The hardness can increase with the impurities along the vertical direction.
Why tantalum carbide is a super high-temperature resistant ceramic
Tantalum carbide is a light brown metallic cubic crystal powder belonging to a sodium chloride-type cubic crystal system. Currently, tantalum carbide is also used as the sintering grain growth inhibitor of cemented carbide, inhibiting grain growth, and th
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