Stearic Acid and Stearic Acid Emulsion
Stearic acid is a major component of animal and vegetable oils. It can be used in pharmaceutical preparations, ointments, soaps, and suppositories. This product is white or off-white powder with a slippery feel or crystalline hard block. Its profile has b
Application of Calcium Acetylacetonate/zinc Composite in Thermal Stability of PVC
A calcium acetylacetonate/zinc composite was synthesized under alkaline conditions using zinc nitrate hexahydrate, calcium chloride, and acetylacetone as raw materials. It used as an auxiliary heat stabilizer in polyvinyl chloride PVC. The thermal stabili
What is calcium acetylacetonate?
Given the shortcomings of traditional fatty acid calcium heat stabilizers, scientists have successfully synthesized calcium acetylacetonate with high thermal stability and non-toxicity through molecular design and showed excellent thermal stability and re
Chemical Additives in Rust Preventive Oil
Antirust grease is an oil which is composed of mineral oils and fats, is added with various oil-soluble corrosion inhibitors and additives, and has an antirust effect on metal products, and is called antirust grease. It consists of oil-soluble corrosion i
What is Sodium Stearate?
Sodium stearate is also known as sodium octadecanoic. White fine powder or lumpy solid with a slippery feel, a fatty taste, and water absorption in the air. Soluble in hot water or hot alcohol, decomposed into stearic acid, and the corresponding sodium sa
High performance ceramic neutron absorption material: Boron carbide
Boron carbide is an extremely hard ceramic material used in tank armor, body armor and many industrial applications. It has a Mohs hardness of 9.3 and is the fifth hardest known material after diamond, cubic boron nitride, fullerene compounds and diamond
Compound Name TiH2 Powder Titanium Hydride Application For Welding And Catalysts
Compound Name TiH2 Powder Titanium Hydride Application For Welding And Catalysts
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