Oxide Powder

Green Nickel Oxide NiO CAS 1313-99-1

Item No.: TR-NiO
Purity: 99.98%
Particle size: 6.93μm
Green Nickel Oxide NiO CAS 1313-99-1
Nickel Oxide Description:
Nickel Oxide Formular: NiO
Nickel Oxide color: green
Nickel Oxide particle size:  -500mesh
Nickel Oxide composition:
Ni Co Cu Fe Zn S Ca+Mg+Na insoluble in HCl
76.87% 0.024% 0.01% 0.018% 0.007% 0.02% 0.56% 0.007%

Nickel Oxide Applications:
Used as a binder and colorant for enamel in the pusher industry. The ceramic industry is used as a raw material for colorants. Used as a raw material for nickel-zinc ferrite in the production of magnetic materials. A colorant for tinted glass and tube glass bulbs in the glass industry. It is also a material for manufacturing nickel salts, nickel catalysts, and secondary batteries.
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