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The Main Characteristics of Silicon Nitride

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Update time : 2021-09-29 15:35:19

Silicon Nitride application:

Silicon nitride is considered a very important engineering ceramic because it is suitable for many different forms, and each form has unique characteristics. At high temperatures, silicon nitride exhibits excellent mechanical properties, including low density, high flexural strength, high modulus of elasticity and fracture toughness, high wear, and resistance to solid particle erosion. In other words, this material is very strong and very tough. The material also shows excellent thermal properties, with minimal temperature-induced expansion and contraction, and can withstand thermal shock (rapid, significant temperature changes). Finally, silicon nitride has excellent chemical properties, including stability to most acids and alkalis, corrosive gases, and liquid metals.

Main Characteristics of Silicon Nitride:

In addition to excellent mechanical properties, silicon nitride also exhibits a series of excellent thermal properties, making it suitable for demanding industrial applications. Thermal conductivity is the inherent ability of a material to transfer or conduct heat. The heat transfer coefficient is a key factor that characterizes the suitability of engineering materials for any industrial application under extreme temperature requirements. Due to its unique chemical composition and microstructure, silicon nitride has the same low thermal conductivity compared to metals.

Silicon nitride has excellent stability due to its strong atomic bonds, which makes the material highly resistant to corrosion by acid and alkaline solutions at room temperature. This is crucial when considering long-term implantation in the human body in a salty and watery environment. The corrosion resistance is mainly attributed to the formation of an oxide layer on the surface of the material. The same resistance was observed when silicon nitride was placed in hot gases, molten salts, and metals, and corrosion tests were performed in a complex environment. The formation of the oxide layer plays a core and complex role in the corrosion resistance of the material.

Due to its self-reinforced microstructure, extremely high strength and toughness, and many excellent properties, silicon nitride has become an attractive structural component for many applications in various industries, including biomedical applications.

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