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What is silicon monoxide?

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Update time : 2021-09-30 15:01:22
What is silicon monoxide
Silicon monoxide is an inorganic compound with a chemical formula of SiO. It is a black-brown to yellowish amorphous powder under normal temperature and pressure. It has a melting point of 1702°C, a boiling point of 1880°C, and a density of 2.13g/cm³. It is hardly soluble in water and can It dissolves in the mixed acid of dilute hydrofluoric acid and nitric acid and releases silicon tetrafluoride, which generates white silica powder when heated in air. Silicon monoxide is not very stable and will oxidize to silicon dioxide in the air. When silicon monoxide vapor is slowly condensed, it will disproportionate (see disproportionation reaction) into silicon and silicon dioxide.
Silicon monoxide preparation
1. Silicon monoxide can be made by rapid cooling after silicon dioxide reacts with elemental silicon at high temperature:
SiO2 + Si → 2SiO.
2. Mix silicon dioxide powder with SiO2 content of 99.5% and coal tar pitch powder, the C/SiO2 mixing molar ratio is 2.0, the mixture is heated under reduced pressure, the temperature is 1600℃, the pressure is 1.013 kPa, and it is produced by reduction reaction SiO vapor is introduced into argon gas, and the SiO vapor is condensed and transported to produce silicon monoxide powder with a thickness of 0.1 μm or less.

Properties and stability of silicon monoxide
Silicon monoxide is not very stable and will be oxidized to silicon dioxide in the air, and is only stable at temperatures above 1200°C.
Avoid light, open flame, high temperature. It is insoluble in water, soluble in the mixed acid of dilute hydrofluoric acid and nitric acid. Good insulator for heat and electricity. Oxidized in the air to form a silicon dioxide film and passivation. It burns in oxygen and reacts with water to produce hydrogen. In the warm alkaline aqueous solution, hydrogen gas is generated, and silicate is formed and dissolved.
Silicon monoxide use
Because of its high activity, silicon monoxide fine powder can be used as a raw material for fine ceramic synthesis, such as silicon nitride and silicon carbide fine ceramic powder raw materials. Used in the preparation of optical glass and semiconductor materials.
Evaporate it in a vacuum and coat it on the metal mirror surface of optical instruments as a protective film. Preparation of semiconductor materials.

Precautions for silicon monoxide
In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and send to a doctor for treatment.
Wear suitable protective clothing.
Irritating to eyes, respiratory tract, and skin.
It is usually slightly harmful to water bodies. Do not expose undiluted or large amounts of products to groundwater, waterways, or sewage systems, and do not discharge materials into the surrounding environment without government permission.
Stable under normal temperature and pressure, avoid light, open flame, and high temperature.
Airtight and avoid light at room temperature, ventilated and dry place.
Inhalation: If inhaled, move the patient to fresh air.
Skin contact: Take off contaminated clothing and wash skin thoroughly with soap and water. Seek medical attention if you feel unwell.
Eye contact: Separate the eyelids and rinse with running water or normal saline. Seek medical attention immediately.
Ingestion: Rinse mouth and prohibit vomiting. Seek medical attention immediately.
Advice for protecting rescuers: Move the patient to a safe place. Consult a doctor. Show this chemical safety data sheet to the doctor on site.
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