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Nano diamond has been widely studied in biological, electronic and quantum engineering fields

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Update time : 2021-09-28 16:33:08
Overview of Nano diamond
Nano diamonds or diamond nanoparticles are diamonds less than 1 micron in diameter that can be created by an impact event like an explosion or a meteorite impact. Nano diamond has been widely studied in biological, electronic and quantum engineering fields due to its low cost, easy large-scale synthesis, surface functionalization and high biocompatibility.
Structure of nano-diamond
The structure of diamond nanoparticles mainly needs to be considered in three aspects: overall shape, core and surface. Through several diffraction experiments, the shape of diamond nanoparticles is spherical or elliptic. The core of diamond nanoparticles is a diamond cage, mainly composed of carbon. Although the structure of the core is very similar to that of diamond, the surface of diamond nanoparticles is actually similar to that of graphite. A recent study showed that the surface is mainly composed of carbon, with a large amount of phenol, pyrrole, sulfonic acid, as well as carboxylic, hydroxyl and epoxy groups, but in small quantities. Defects such as nitrogen-vacancy centers are occasionally found in the structure of diamond nanoparticles. A recent study showed that the frequency of nitrogen-vacancy centers decreases with the size of diamond nanoparticles.
Production methods of nano-diamond
In addition to the explosion, synthesis methods include hydrothermal synthesis, ion bombardment, laser bombardment, microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition, ultrasonic synthesis, and electrochemical synthesis. In addition, decomposition of graphite C3N4 under high pressure and high temperature can yield a large number of high purity diamond nanoparticles. Detonation synthesis of Nano diamonds has become the industry standard for commercial production of Nano diamonds: the most commonly used explosive is a mixture of trinitrotoluene and hexose or monosaccharide.
Detonation usually takes place in a sealed, oxygen-free stainless steel chamber and produces a mixture of Nano diamonds and other graphite compounds averaging 5 nm. In detonation synthesis, Nano diamonds are formed in the absence of oxygen at pressures greater than 15 GPa and temperatures greater than 3000K. Rapid cooling of the oxidation system to prevent diamond nanoparticles increases the production of Nano diamonds, as diamond remains the most stable phase under such conditions. Detonation synthesis utilizes gas and liquid coolants such as argon and water, water-based foam and ice. Since the result of detonation, synthesis is a mixture of Nano diamond particles and other graphite carbon forms, extensive cleaning methods must be employed to remove impurities from the mixture. Typically, gaseous ozone treatment or solution phase nitric acid oxidation is used to remove SP2 carbon and metal impurities.
Application prospect of Nano diamond
Because of Nano diamond in strength, hardness, thermal conductivity, nano effect, heavy metal impurities, biocompatibility, etc, has a unique performance, the precision polishing and lubrication, chemical catalysis, composite coating, high-performance metal matrix composites, chemical analysis and biological medicine is widely used, and shows a good application prospect.
Nano diamond is a material with rich characteristics and connotations, which is a field of great challenges and opportunities. After years of research and production, and realize the Nano diamond can be in the production of raw materials, the defense industry, precision polishing, petrochemical industry, biological medicine, electronic, mechanical, chemical and other national economy and our daily life has a broad application prospect, believe in the near future, will get a large-scale application in various industries.
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