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Oxide Powder

Alumina Doped Zinc Oxide Nanopowder AZO Powder

Item No.: Tr- AZO
Doped with Al2O3 in ZnO referred to as AZO, it is resistant to high temperature, good electrical conductivity, high temperature stability and good radiation protection.
Purity: 99.9%
Particle size: 30-50nm

What is Alumina Doped Zinc Oxide Nanopowder(AZO)?

Al2O3 doped ZnO referred to as AZO, it is resistant to high temperature, good electrical conductivity, high temperature stability and good radiation protection.

Al2O3 doped ZnO powder (AZO) is a relatively inexpensive, cost-effective, environmentally benign transparent conductive material that can withstand high temperatures up to 1975°C. The conductivity can reach the limit of 6×104Ω.cm by deposition with vapor deposition, and the high-temperature stability is also very strong, which is regarded as the nanomaterials with the most potential for development in the 21st century.

AZO product has the relevant performance of ITO, it can be widely used in transparent heat insulation film, transparent conductive film and IT industry on a variety of transparent electrodes, relative to ITO, AZO has the advantages of cheaper compared to ITO.


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How is Alumina Doped Zinc Oxide Nanopowder (AZO) produced?

The production of alumina doped zinc oxide powders involves a series of process steps aimed at uniformly doping alumina (Al₂O₃) into zinc oxide (ZnO) powders in order to modify their physical and chemical properties. A generalized production process is outlined below:

Raw Material Preparation: First, high purity raw materials of ZnO and Alumina need to be prepared. The purity of these raw materials will directly affect the quality and performance of the final product.

Mixing and Grinding: The zinc oxide and alumina are mixed together in a predetermined ratio. This is usually done in a high-energy ball mill or similar equipment to ensure that the two powders are well mixed and achieve a uniform particle size distribution.

Doping: Doping is a critical step in the production process. It can be realized by solid-phase reaction, sol-gel method, co-precipitation method and other methods. These methods can make the alumina uniformly dispersed in the zinc oxide powder to form a stable doping structure.


Application of Alumina Doped Zinc Oxide Nanopowder (AZO):

Aluminum oxide doped zinc oxide powder (often abbreviated as AZO powder) has a wide range of applications in several fields, thanks to its unique physical and chemical properties. The following are its main areas of application:

Electronics: AZO powders have high conductivity and tunable electrical conductivity, making them important in electronic devices. For example, in key components such as thin film transistors, solar cells, photodiodes, etc., AZO powder is used as a conductive material to enhance the performance and efficiency of the device.

Optoelectronic devices: AZO powder has excellent optical properties, including high transparency and a wide energy band width. This makes it play a key role in optoelectronic devices, such as the transparent conductive layer in liquid crystal displays, which is used to form the pixel electrodes of the displays.AZO powder can also be used as an optical coating to improve the optical transmittance and UV resistance of the devices.

Chemical industry: The corrosion and heat resistance of AZO powder makes it valuable for applications in the chemical industry. It can be used as a catalyst carrier, corrosion-resistant coating, etc. to improve the efficiency and safety of chemical reactions.

Other fields: In addition, AZO powder is also used in glass manufacturing, coatings, ceramics and other fields. In glass manufacturing, AZO powder can be used to improve the conductivity and optical properties of glass; in the field of coatings and ceramics, AZO powder can be used to prepare coatings and ceramic materials with special functions.

Technical Parameter of Alumina Doped Zinc Oxide Nanopowder (AZO):


Alumina Doped Zinc Oxide ( AZO )




White powder



Loss on drying,%

≤ 0.5

Average particle size,nm

30-50 nm

PbO(In Pb),%

≤ 0.0002

MnO(In Mn),%

≤ 0.0001

CuO(In Cu),%

≤ 0.0001


Storage Condition of Alumina Doped Zinc Oxide Nanopowder (AZO):
Alumina doped zinc oxide (AZO) Powder should be stored in dry, cool and sealing of the environment, can not be exposure to air, in addition, should avoid the heavy pressure, according to ordinary goods transportation.

Packing & Shipping of  Alumina Doped Zinc Oxide Nanopowder (AZO):
It is packed in double plastic bags inside, which can be filled with argon in a vacuum; it can be vacuumed and filled with argon for protection.
Alumina doped ZnO Powder packing: vacuum packing, 100g, 500g or 1kg/bag, 25kg/barrel, or as your request.
 Alumina doped ZnO Powder shipping: could be shipped out by sea, by air, by express as soon as possible once payment receipt.

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