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Where does Cadmium Telluride Film Go

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Update time : 2020-07-29 08:44:04

Characteristics and Advantages of Cadmium Telluride

The cadmium telluride thin film solar cell has the advantages of simple production process, short production cycle and recycling after the end of the life cycle. These advantages and characteristics make CdTe film has a wide development space, and gradually began to be concerned by the industry.

The Current State of the Photovoltaic Market

The current photovoltaic market has been more and more mature, all kinds of products bloom, compete with each other. Belong to the contention of product of crystal silicon and thin film, always seem to have no suspense. As the cost of crystalline silicon products keeps falling, it is difficult for thin film products to become competitive, and there will be no market space for products without competitiveness. According to information on the company's official website, the average efficiency of the cadmium telluride thin-film modules developed by Longyan Energy exceeds 12.5% and the average output power exceeds 80W.In recent years, the efficiency of domestic crystalline silicon components has exceeded 17%. In recent years, the high-efficiency single crystal component products have reached more than 20%, and the power has opened 400W.It is understood that at present, the efficiency of cadmium telluride film components produced by domestic enterprises can reach the level of 16%-17%, which lags behind that of crystalline silicon components in terms of efficiency and power. In addition, the earliest manufacturer of CdTe thin-film cells in the world is The American thin-film cell manufacturer First Solar, whose technology is relatively mature.

The laboratory efficiency of CdTe thin-film cells developed by it has exceeded 22.1%. The component efficiency reached about 19.5%. In this regard, First Solar has too much of a lead and even a monopoly in the field of cadmium telluride thin films. Therefore, the development of cadmium telluride thin film in China is relatively backward.

The Future of Cadmium Telluride Films

Although the development of cadmium telluride film is currently hindered, it is still one of the most mature thin-film power generation technologies, with a higher theoretical efficiency value (nearly 30%) than crystalline silicon cells, a simpler process than crystalline silicon cells, and advantages such as flexibility and high temperature performance. In general, cadmium telluride films still have great development potential in the future. If the domestic cadmium telluride thin film industry is to continue to develop, it is necessary to grasp the characteristics and advantages of cadmium telluride thin film. First, reduce production costs in an all-round way, realize localization of production equipment as soon as possible, and continue to innovate to reduce production costs; Second, to avoid competition with crystalline silicon products, cadmium telluride film's flexible characteristics will be used to turn the market focus into curtain walls, car roofs, charging kits, backpacks and other fields; Third, do a good job in recycling measures to avoid environmental pollution.

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