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Is magnesium stearate safe?

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Update time : 2022-08-03 14:02:57
Magnesium stearate appears in the list of ingredients in most supplements as an additive.

What is vegetable magnesium stearate?
Magnesium stearate, a magnesium salt of stearic acid, is an additive, a mobile agent used in capsules and tablets of drugs or supplements. Stearic acid is saturated fat, while magnesium is an essential mineral. Both are nutrients and naturally exist in a variety of foods. Far from being harmful, they are actually good for human health. Vegetable magnesium stearate is mainly made from palm oil and is the standard for tablets. However, it can also be extracted from purified cottonseed oil.
Magnesium stearate in supplement tablets is used as a "flow agent". This means that it can prevent different complementary components from adhering to each other as well as mixing and punching equipment. The addition of mobile agents (such as vegetable magnesium stearate) is essential to ensure that the ingredients are evenly mixed and the dose in each capsule or tablet is consistent.
Although supplements contain disreputable additives such as vegetable magnesium stearate, they are necessary and play different key roles in the manufacture of supplements. Not adding magnesium stearate or substitutes may even be harmful to human health because capsules or tablets may not always contain the prescribed dose.

Is magnesium stearate safe?
The main concern of magnesium stearate was a study in 1990 that found that stearic acid could inhibit the immune function of T cells in mice. But let's not forget that what distinguishes human T cells from mice is their ability to desaturate fatty acids. Human T cells have delta-9 desaturases needed to convert stearic acid to oleic acid to avoid toxic accumulation. Another factor to consider is that the study was conducted by soaking mouse T cells in stearic acid. It is impossible to take such a large amount of stearic acid through supplements.
The second question behind the truth behind plant magnesium stearate in the manufacture of supplements is about the bioavailability of active ingredients in supplements containing plant magnesium stearate. Some people worry that magnesium stearate may inhibit the absorption of nutrients into the bloodstream. It has been found that although magnesium stearate may slow dissolution and absorption in some cases, it does not affect the overall bioavailability of nutrients.
Another myth that often worries consumers is that magnesium stearate can form biofilms in the intestines, just as soaps containing calcium stearate and magnesium stearate form soap dregs in sinks and bathtubs. Needless to say, the intestinal environment is completely different from the bathroom. Human intestines contain acids and enzymes, so soap dregs are not allowed to accumulate. Soap dregs are not like biofilms. If any, magnesium stearate can actually prevent the formation of biofilms.
Finally, some consumers may be worried about being allergic to magnesium stearate. This may be extremely rare because magnesium stearate is abundant in a variety of daily foods anyway. People who are allergic to it should be more cautious about foods such as eggs, beef, chicken and coconut oil that contain high levels of magnesium stearate.

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