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High Purity Graphite Powder and its use

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Update time : 2021-12-23 15:17:00
What is High Purity Graphite Powder
High Purity Graphite Powder adopts special production equipment and advanced testing instruments to produce high-purity, high-carbon Nano-scale graphite powder, which is applied in lubrication, lubricating, wire drawing, conductive, ink, and other industries, and the effect is excellent.
High Purity Graphite Powder has a wide range of uses, such as lubricant industry, anti-corrosion coating industry, chemical industry, steel lubrication, aerospace, and other fields. Adding an appropriate amount of High Purity Graphite Powder to the lubricating oil can form a graphite lubricating film under high-temperature friction, which greatly reduces the friction coefficient. It can protect equipment and reduce maintenance costs when used in the machinery industry. It can reduce fuel oil when used in the automotive industry. The use of fuel oil can also fully burn fuel oil and achieve the goal of environmental protection.
High Purity Graphite Powder specifications and characteristics
High Purity Graphite Powder is prepared by a special process, with high purity, small and uniform particle size, and high surface activity. It can be fully used in coatings and resins. Surface-treated High Purity Graphite Powder can solve the problem of dispersion and overcome the phenomenon of Nano powder agglomeration.
Specifications: FS, TF, F

Particle size: 1μm-38μm (325 mesh-12500 mesh), carbon content: 90%-99.9%, moisture: 0.5%
Performance: It has the performance of high-quality natural ultra-fine graphite powder, and has special oxidation resistance under high-temperature conditions. Self-lubricating and plasticity, while having good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and adhesion.
Application fields of High Purity Graphite Powder
Nano-graphite has a very wide range of applications: such as electronic information picture tubes, black conductive coatings in the display manufacturing industry, etc. Used in high lubrication, high conductivity, high adsorption and catalytic performance, chemical industry, steel lubrication, aerospace, and other fields;
High Purity Graphite Powder is mainly used in lubricants, anti-corrosion coatings, rubber, glass fiber reinforced plastics, dry batteries, alkaline batteries, industrial lubricants, powder metallurgy, grease, dry batteries, lubricating coatings, graphite emulsion, water machines Graphite milk, conductive graphite milk, inner-coated graphite mill, wire drawing graphite milk, TV graphite milk, graphite paper, graphite packing, graphite sealing special graphite, etc., scientific research by the National Defense Science and Technology Commission, scientific research institutions, etc.
Other uses of High Purity Graphite Powder
(1) Graphite powder can be used as a mold release lubricant in the production of catalysts in the chemical fertilizer industry.
(2) Graphite powder has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance and high lubricity and can be used as a base material for high-temperature resistant lubricants and corrosion-resistant lubricants.
(3) It can be used as a powder metallurgy release agent and metal alloy raw material, as well as a lubricant in cable production.
(4) Used for making carbon film resistors, conductive dry molds, and preparing conductive coatings.
(5) As a filler or performance improver for rubber, plastic, and various composite materials to improve the wear resistance, compression resistance, or conductivity of the material.
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