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How strong is tantalum carbide?

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Update time : 2021-12-24 11:44:36
What is Tantalum Carbide?
Tantalum carbide is a light brown metallic cubic crystalline powder, belonging to the sodium chloride type cubic crystal system. Tantalum carbide is also used as a cemented carbide sintered crystal grain growth inhibitor, which has a significant effect on inhibiting crystal grain growth. It has a density of 14.3g/cm3, is insoluble in water, hardly soluble in mineral acids, soluble in a mixed acid of hydrofluoric acid and nitric acid, and can be decomposed. Tantalum carbide has strong oxidation resistance and is easily melted and decomposed by potassium pyrosulfate.
What is the crystal structure of tantalum carbide?
TaCx compounds have a cubic (rock-salt) crystal structure for x = 0.7–1.0. The lattice parameter increases with x. TaC0.5 has two major crystalline forms. The more stable one has an anti-cadmium iodide-type trigonal structure, which transforms upon heating to about 2000 °C into a hexagonal lattice with no long-range order for the carbon atoms.
Tantalum carbide microhardness
The microhardness of the tantalum carbide surface gradient composite material is tested from the surface to the matrix. The microhardness test is carried out every 50μm from the surface. From the distribution of the tested hardness, it can be seen that the surface microhardness value of the tantalum carbide surface gradient composite material is up to 2123HV0.02. The microhardness of the nano TaC layer is 1980-2025HV0.02, the microhardness of the micron TaC layer is 17502010HV0.02, and the microhardness of the TaC dispersion layer is 16401710HV0.02. As the distance from the surface increases, the microhardness of the TaC layer decreases, but its microhardness can still reach 5.5 to 7.0 times that of the gray cast iron matrix.
How strong is tantalum carbide?
By testing Vickers hardness, fracture toughness, and relative density of a series of samples, it can be confirmed that the TaC possesses the best mechanical properties under 5.5 GPa and 1300 °C. The relative density, fracture toughness, and Vickers hardness of TaC are 97.7%, 7.4 MPa m1/2 and 21.0 GPa, respectively.
Is tantalum carbide toxic?
Tantalum Compounds: The systemic toxicity of tantalum oxide, as well as that of metallic tantalum, is low, which is probably due to its poor solubility. Carbides: Pure carbon has extremely low toxicity to humans and can be handled and even ingested safely in the form of graphite or charcoal.
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