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Changan Automobile is working hard to solve the problem of engine overheating

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Update time : 2024-07-09 09:05:44

The application of aerogel felt in automobile engines and exhaust systems improves the overall fuel efficiency and performance of the car by reducing the ineffective loss of heat energy and helping to maintain the optimal operating temperature of the engine and exhaust system. At the same time, it can also protect the sensitive parts of the car from high-temperature damage, extend the service life of the car and improve driving safety. The lightweight characteristics of this material also help to reduce the total weight of the car, further improving fuel economy and vehicle dynamic performance.

Aerogel blanket

In the development history of the automotive industry, engine overheating has always been a headache. Overheating not only affects the performance and life of the engine but can also cause serious failures. However, Changan Automobile has successfully broken through the bottleneck of engine overheating technology with its outstanding R&D strength and technological innovation and launched a remarkable new technology that allows the engine to continue to run while having the advantages of durability and fuel efficiency. This breakthrough not only brings new vitality to the automotive industry but also makes people full of expectations for future travel.

Changan's new technology is centered on an advanced cooling system. The system is carefully designed to dissipate the heat generated by the engine more efficiently, ensuring that the engine maintains normal temperature during long-term operation. This innovative cooling system uses a multi-level cooling method, including efficient radiators, intelligent fan control, and precise water temperature monitoring. Through these measures, the engine can maintain good working conditions under various working conditions and avoid overheating.

The advantage of this new technology is not only that it solves the problem of engine overheating but also that it brings continuous driving ability. Traditional engines often need to stop frequently to cool down in high-temperature environments, while Changan's new technology enables the engine to work continuously and stably without frequent stops. This means that the vehicle can travel longer, reducing unnecessary parking and maintenance time and improving overall travel efficiency. Whether it is long-distance travel or daily use, this technology provides drivers with greater convenience and reliability.

Application of aerogel in automobile field

In addition to continuous driving ability, Changan's new technology is also durable and fuel-efficient. Because the engine does not overheat, the life of its various components has been significantly extended. Part wear and failure caused by overheating are reduced, and maintenance costs are reduced. At the same time, the technology's efficient heat dissipation also helps to improve the engine's fuel efficiency. When the engine is running at normal temperature, the fuel consumption is more reasonable, and better fuel consumption performance can be achieved. This is of great significance to environmental protection and energy saving and is in line with the pursuit of sustainable development in modern society.

Changan's achievement in breaking through engine overheating technology has attracted widespread attention and comments. Experts in the automotive industry have given high praise to this technology, believing that it is a major breakthrough in the field of automotive technology. The application of this technology will enhance Changan Automobile's market competitiveness and bring better products to consumers. Drivers have also shown great interest in this technology, and they look forward to experiencing longer mileage and lower fuel consumption.

In the automotive field, especially in modern high-performance vehicles and new energy vehicles, the application of aerogel as a thermal insulation material has become increasingly common. Aerogel felt it had become an ideal choice for engine and exhaust system insulation due to its excellent thermal insulation performance, lightweight, and durability. The following details the specific application of aerogel felt in the automotive field and how it can reduce heat loss and improve fuel efficiency.


Application of aerogel in automobile field

Engine insulation

When the engine is working, a large amount of heat energy is generated, part of which is dissipated through the radiator and cooling system, and the other part is radiated through components such as the engine block, cylinder head, and exhaust manifold. In order to improve engine efficiency and vehicle performance, reducing unnecessary heat loss is the key.

Application principle:

Reducing heat loss: Aerogel felt has extremely low thermal conductivity, which means it can effectively prevent heat from being transferred from the heat source to the surrounding environment, thereby reducing the unnecessary loss of engine heat.
Improving fuel efficiency: The optimal temperature range for engine operation is crucial for fuel efficiency. Aerogel felt can maintain the engine within the ideal operating temperature range to avoid the loss of fuel efficiency due to overheating.
Protecting surrounding components: Wires, plastic parts, and rubber parts near the engine are susceptible to high-temperature damage. Aerogel felt it could form a protective layer to prevent these components from aging or being damaged prematurely.

Exhaust system insulation

The exhaust system is another part of the car that generates a lot of heat energy, especially the turbocharger and exhaust manifold. An uninsulated exhaust system will cause heat energy to be lost and may also cause thermal damage to other components under the vehicle.

Application principle:

Heat recovery: In a turbocharger, aerogel felt can help capture more heat energy to drive the turbine, thereby improving boost efficiency and power output.
Reduce heat radiation: Aerogel felt can significantly reduce the heat radiation from the exhaust system to the bottom of the vehicle and the cockpit, which not only improves fuel efficiency but also improves passenger comfort.
Protect the body: The body and lines under the exhaust system are susceptible to heat radiation. Aerogel felt it can form a protective barrier to reduce the damage to the body from high temperatures and extend the service life of the car.


Aerogel blanket


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