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Fires rage in many parts of the world, more than 100 buildings destroyed

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Update time : 2024-07-08 09:15:19

In addition to the Hawaii fire, many places, such as Washington State, British Co lumbia, Canada, and Alexandroupolis, Greece, have suffered fires recently.

Hundreds of buildings destroyed in a fire in Washington State, USA

According to a statement from the Washington State Natural Resources Department, the fire started on the west side of Medical Lake, about 24 kilometers west of Spokane, Washington, in the afternoon of the 18th, and then the fire continued to expand.

On the 20th local time, Washington State Governor Inslee went to the fire area and declared a state of emergency in the state. As of the afternoon of the 22nd local time, the total burned area in Spokane County has exceeded 85 square kilometers, more than 260 buildings have been destroyed, and the fire threatens more than 1,800 homes. In addition to Spokane County, there are currently many fire points in northwest Washington State.


Fire in Northwest Washington State



Ryan Kraus, owner of the destroyed house: We have taken quite complete fire prevention measures, but when the fire really broke out, we were still powerless. In 15 to 20 minutes, I went through the mental journey from "I think they (firefighters) can control the fire, I am sure they can" to "We have to withdraw now." British Co lumbia has become the "hardest hit area" of Canadian wildfires. In most parts of British Co lumbia, Canada, which is densely forested, wildfires are a seasonal phenomenon.

However, due to climate change, the number of wildfires and the area burned are both on the rise. Data released by the Canadian Fire Department showed that as of 16:00 Beijing time on the 23rd, the area burned by Canadian wildfires had reached 153,000 square kilometers, and more than 650 fire points were still out of control. The Canadian government said on the 21st that British Co lumbia and the Northwest Territories had suffered huge damage. Both regions had previously entered a state of emergency, and tens of thousands of residents had been evacuated. High temperatures caused wildfires in Greece to rage, and there are still burning points. Affected by high temperatures, wildfires in many parts of Greece continued to rage. A fire broke out near Alexandroupolis on the 19th and then spread rapidly. As of the 22nd, it was still difficult to control. More than 200 firefighters, four aircraft, and three helicopters were deployed to put out the fire. According to AFP on the 22nd, this round of Greek wildfires has caused 20 deaths.

In addition, the Athens News Agency reported on the 22nd that there are currently 65 fire points in Greece. In the fire risk areas designated by Greece, many areas, including Athens, have "extremely high" risks, and people are prohibited from entering the mountains and woodlands in these areas.



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