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Boron Phosphide Used As Semiconductor Material And Optical Material

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Update time : 2020-10-12 09:45:50

What is the property of boron phosphide?

Due to different preparation methods, boron phosphide has red transparent, dark red transparent, black crystals or soft, brown amorphous substances. The chemical properties of boron phosphide are stable, and it does not dissolve in concentrated nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid and their mixed acids.

Boron phosphide has properties similar to refractory materials. Similar to boron nitride and diamond, it is harder than silicon carbide and has a larger energy gap. It has an anti-oxidation effect even at a high temperature of 800 to 10,000 ℃ in the air. When boron phosphide is heated at high temperatures, it loses phosphorus and forms a light gray residue. Boron phosphide ignites in a cold place in chlorine, while it ignites in a slightly hot state in bromine. It burns brightly in oxygen at 200°C and can be decomposed by most metals in red heat.

What is the application of boron phosphide?

The boron phosphide film has good light transmittance in a wide range of wavelengths, and has the best rain erosion resistance among similar films, which can maximize the damage threshold speed (DTV) of the substrate. Compared with germanium carbide, boron phosphide has better mechanical properties; compared with diamond, boron phosphide thin layer has better adhesion and is more conducive to large-area deposition; compared with DLC, boron phosphide has lower The internal stress can be well attached to various base materials, and the deposition film thickness is unlimited. Therefore, boron phosphide can be a preferred material for the anti-reflection protective film for high-speed flight infrared windows.

In addition to being an infrared anti-reflection protective film resistant to high-speed flight, the protective effect of boron phosphide film on components in other harsh environments has also been increasingly valued by scholars. Boron phosphide is one of the ideal materials for the corrosion-resistant film of the infrared window of the submarine telescope. Once the submarine’s telescope window goes out to sea, it is always immersed in the sea water environment. The window must not only ensure high transmittance to maintain the sensitivity and resolution of the photoelectric system, but also be able to resist the corrosion of chemicals in the seawater. The boron phosphide film has good chemical stability and corrosion resistance, which can protect the infrared window against seawater erosion to ensure the original optical performance of the infrared window.

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