Superfine pre-alloyed iron copper powder FeCu powder

Item No.: Tr-FeCu02
Superfine pre-alloyed iron copper powder FeCu powder
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Brief Introduction of FeCu powder

Product Name: FeCu powder, iron copper alloy powder

Hardness of FeCu powder: 102HRB

Tensile strength of FeCu powder: 1534Mpa

TDS of FeCu powder:

Theoretical Densisty of hydrogen: 7.97g/cm3

Hydrogen Loss of FeCu powder: less than 0.65%

Apparent Density of FeCu powder: 0.6-0.8g/cm3

Tap Densisty of FeCu powder: 0.9-1.1g.cm3

Particle size of FeCu powder: D50=10.0-18.3

Features of FeCu powder

Preparation Large surface area, high activity, low sintering temperature, high density, high hardness sintered (maximum 102HRB) good sintering stability, bending strength up to 1534 Mpa, good flowability.
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