GMS Glyceryl monostearate CAS 31566-31-1

Item No.: Tr-GMS
GMS Glyceryl monostearate is an organic compound that has two phases of 1-MG and 2-MG. According to the name of the main constituent fatty acids, mono-glyceride can be divided into mono-stearate, mono-laurate, mono-oleate, etc.
GMS Glyceryl monostearate Properties
About GMS Glyceryl monostearate :
GMS Glycerin monostearate is prepared by esterification of long-chain fatty acid C16-C18 with glycerol. It is a non-ionic surfactant. It has both hydrophilic and oleophilic groups, with wetting, emulsifying, foaming, and other functions. Pure white waxy solid, melting into transparent liquid, the freezing point is not less than 58℃. Tasteless, odorless, non-toxic. Soluble in vegetable oil, soluble in hot ethanol, ether chloroform, and acetone, insoluble in water. It can emulsify with water and is an oil-in-water emulsifier. But because of its strong emulsifying performance, it can also be used as an oil-in-water emulsifier. Commercially available goods are usually white or yellowish in powder or bead form. In addition to containing a single ester, still contains a small amount of diester and triester. The freezing point is also lower than pure products.
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Product performance of
GMS Glyceryl monostearate :
1. Sensory properties: Monoglycerides belong to oil affinity, and their sensory properties are similar to those of oil. Their consistency is related to fatty acid groups, and they can be oily, fatty or waxy in general. In general, monoglycerides have higher consistency and melting point than the oils or fatty acids used. The melting point of monoglycerides changes as follows: With the extension of the carbon chain of fatty acids, the melting point of monoglycerides increases;
The color and smell of monoglycerides are related to the corresponding fatty acid groups and the source of raw materials. The smell of monoglycerides generally has the smell of oil and the color varies from brown to milky white.
2. Thermal stability: monoglyceride is a mixture of 1-monoglyceride and 2-monoglyceride, which is the result of intramolecular acyl transfer. The activation energy of this intramolecular acyl transfer is relatively low, so at any temperature conditions, the monoglyceride is a mixture of both, but the proportion of the two varies with the temperature.
3. Crystallization behavior: As a lipid compound, monoglycerides have a homogeneous polycrystalline phenomenon. The distilled monoglycerides crystallize into metastable α- crystal form and then convert to stable β- crystal form with a higher melting point. Metastable β '- crystalline forms do not exist in industrial monoglycerides. When the α- crystalline form is cooled, a solid-state transition of a third crystalline form occurs, called sub -α.
4. Mesomorphic properties: monoglycerides can interact with water in a very complex way, and the degree of interaction depends on temperature and the ratio of monoglycerides to water, as well as the type of fatty acids. The resulting material can exhibit both crystalline and liquid properties, that is,  mesomorphism. The mesoporous phase of a mono-glycyl ester is: Lamellar mesophase (layered), alpha gel, cube, hexagonal, monoglycerides in normal temperature condition is beta crystal is a type of lipid bilayer structure, the middle by the polar groups on hydrogen bond connections, this layer has a strong affinity with water, when the temperature is higher than Krogh, began to penetrate into the polarity of the bilayer water layer, the cambium-like mesophase.

Technical Parameter of GMS Glyceryl monostearate:
Product name Short name Odor Appearance
Glycerin monostearate GMS Fat odors White to pale milky waxy solid

Applications of GMS Glyceryl monostearate :
1, GMS Glycerin monostearate can be used for food and medicine fungicide, its antibacterial activity is strong, antibacterial spectrum is wide, can be used for meat products, dairy products, beer, soy sauce, etc., can also be used for orange, peach, lychee and other fruits of preservation.
Glycerin monolaurate can form a complex with starch and protein to reduce the antibacterial effect, almost no effect on Gram-negative bacteria, but with other fungicides such as potassium sorbate complex effect, so it is often used in the compound formula.
2. GMS Glycerin monostearate Can be used as an emulsifier, emulsifier, stabilizer, and preservative, etc.
Used for bread softener in food processing, defoaming of soybean products, emulsifier, and stabilizer in dairy products, margarine, and cakes, with a general dosage of 0.3-0.5%;
Used as defoaming agent for soy sauce, soy milk, and lactic acid drinks 0.1%;
It is also used to prepare cosmetic creams, creams, and emulsions, as suppository base agents and drug carriers in the pharmaceutical industry.
3. GMS Glycerin monostearate can be used as an emulsifier, emulsifier, stabilizer, and preservative, etc.
Emulsifiers for industrial silk oil and lubricants for textiles.
It is used as a drip and antifogging agent in plastic film,  as a lubricant, and antistatic agent in plastic processing. In the pharmaceutical industry as a suppository base agent and drug carrier. It is also used in the preparation of cosmetic creams, creams, and emulsions.
4. GMS Glycerin monostearate is used for daily chemicals.
3.7 is the emulsifier of W/O emulsion, it is the ideal raw material for cream products, also used in pharmaceutical, it is the raw material for the preparation of neutral ointment.
Packing & Shipping of GMS Glyceryl monostearate:
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GMS Glyceryl monostearate quantity.
GMS Glyceryl monostearate  packing: 1kg/bottle, 25kg/barrel, or 200kg/ barrel.
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GMS Glyceryl monostearate Properties:

Other Names N/A
CAS No. 31566-31-1
Compound Formula C21H42O4
Molecular Weight N/A
Appearance White to pale milky waxy solid
Melting Point N/A
Boiling Point N/A
Density N/A
Solubility in H2O N/A
Exact Mass N/A

GMS Glyceryl monostearate  Health & Safety Information

Signal Word N/A
Hazard Statements N/A
Hazard Codes N/A
Risk Codes N/A
Safety Statements N/A
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