Oxide Powder

Cuprous Oxide CAS 1317-39-1

Item No.: TR-Cu2O
Purity: 99%
Particle size: 50nm, micron
Cuprous Oxide CAS 1317-39-1

Cuprous Oxide Metallic Copper: ≤1.0
Cuprous Oxide Cu2O purity: min 97%
Cuprous Oxide Cloride: max 0.5%
Cuprous Oxide Water content: max 0.5%
Cuprous Oxide Residue on sieve (325 mesh): max 0.3%
Application of Cuprous Oxide:
Cuprous oxide is a monovalent copper oxide, a bright red powdery solid, almost insoluble in water, disproportionated into divalent copper and copper in an acidic solution, and gradually oxidized into black copper oxide in humid air.
Cuprous oxide is mainly used in the manufacture of ship bottom antifouling paints (used to kill low-grade marine animals), insecticides, and various copper salts, analytical reagents, red glass, and copper and copper alloy solution preparation.

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