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What are the advantages of gallium nitride chargers?

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Update time : 2021-10-27 09:19:18
Nowadays, mobile phones have gradually become an important tool for people's communication and daily necessities. "Bowhead" can be seen almost everywhere in daily life, and countless people suffer from "battery anxiety disorder". When the mobile phone is running out of power, many people will start to be nervous and anxious. When the mobile phone is connected to the charger, it can be quiet.
Although we use chargers every day, few people seem to think about how to better use chargers. Nowadays, gallium nitride batteries are also very popular. What is gallium nitride technology?
1. What is gallium nitride?
This year, a new charging technology has gradually entered the vision of consumers - gallium nitride. Its emergence is known as the perfect charger solution in the future. Sounds powerful, but what is GaN?
Gallium nitride is a new semiconductor material, which has the characteristics of large bandgap, high thermal conductivity, high-temperature resistance, radiation resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high strength and high hardness. In the early stage, it was widely used in new energy vehicles, rail transit, smart grid, semiconductor lighting and new generation mobile communication. It is known as the third-generation semiconductor material. With the technological breakthrough and cost control, gallium nitride is also widely used in consumer electronics, and charger is one of them. In short, gallium nitride has a wider bandgap, which also means that gallium nitride can withstand higher voltage and has better conductivity than silicon. Under the same volume, the charger using gallium nitride technology has higher output efficiency than ordinary chargers. For example, the charging head made of gallium nitride can achieve more output power when its volume is about the size of the Apple 5W charger.
As a new member of semiconductor materials, the birth of gallium nitride, a new semiconductor material, is like thunder on the ground. The technological revolution has rapidly penetrated into 5g, RF, fast charging and other markets, and swept through many other semiconductor materials with its advantageous characteristics.
2. What are the advantages of the GaN charger?
Small volume
Gallium nitride is a new semiconductor material that can replace silicon and germanium. From 5v1a (5W) to 65W, the traditional charger has higher and higher power and larger size. Although the volume of the charger is still within the acceptable range, there is a contradiction between power and volume in the long run. At the same time, there is a heating problem caused by fast charging. The switching frequency of the switch made of gallium nitride is greatly improved, but the loss is small. The high switching frequency can reduce the volume of the transformer and capacitor, so the volume of GaN charging head will be smaller than that of the general charging head.
High power
In the case of GaN, its bandgap is much higher than that of silicon, which means that it can conduct higher voltage over time. The large bandgap also means that the current passes through the GaN chip faster than the silicon chip, and the processing speed of the silicon chip is faster, which will reduce the power consumption of electronic products by 10% to 25%. Of course, not only save electricity but also charge faster
Easier to adapt to hot environment
Compared with the previous two generations of semiconductors, GaN has a larger bandgap and higher thermal conductivity. Moreover, it can work at a high temperature above 200 ℃, can carry higher energy density, has high reliability, and can minimize the possibility of overcharge.
3. Why is the old charging technology still in use?
Gallium nitride technology is so good, why are we still using the old charging technology? Because the manufacturing process of silicon components has been widely established and is relatively cheap compared with a single component. Gallium nitride is relatively in the early stage of commercialization, which makes its production cost higher than that of silicon.
In addition, the actual experience of GaN charging head is not so amazing. There is still a lot of room for optimization. Gallium nitride chargers on the market are usually at least 30% more expensive than ordinary chargers.
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