Nitride Powder

Gallium Nitride GaN powder CAS 25617-97-4

Item No.: Tr-GaN
Purity: 99.99%
Particle Size: -60mesh
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Product Performance of Gallium Nitride GaN powder:
GaN powder has a wide direct bandgap, strong atomic bonds, high thermal conductivity, good chemical stability
(almost no acid corrosion) and other properties and strong anti-radiation ability in optoelectronics, high temperature
and high power devices and high frequency microwave device applications has a broad prospect.

Technical Parameter of Gallium Nitride GaN powder:
Product Name MF Purity Particle Size Melting Point Density Color
gallium nitride GaN 99.99% -60 mesh 1700℃ 6.1g/mL,25/4℃ light yellow

Chemical Composition of Gallium Nitride GaN powder:
GaN Cu Ni Zn Al Na Cr In Ca
99.99% 0.0005% 0.0003% 0.0005% 0.001% 0.0005% 0.0003% 0.0005% 0.005%

Application of Gallium Nitride GaN powder:
GaN could be used potentially for large TV screens or smaller full colour panels in trains or buses. Full colour displays
were not possible because blue and green LED’s were not bright enough. GaN based LED’s are much more efficient
and therefore provide another possibility for blue and green LED’s.
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