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The Property And Preparation of Silicon Disulfide SiS2 Powder

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Update time : 2021-01-11 09:42:57

What is the silicon disulfide property?

Silicon disulfide is a white fibrous orthorhombic or tetragonal crystal system. The molecular formula of silicon disulfide is SiS2. Silicon disulfide is stable under normal temperature and pressure, it decomposes into SiO2 and H2S when exposed to moisture, and burns when heated in air.

Silicon disulfide is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula SiS2. Similar to silica, this material is a polymer, but its one-dimensional structure is different from the usual silica.


What is the silicon disulfide preparation?

1. Put aluminum powder and excess sulfur into a crucible and burn to obtain aluminum sulfide. The aluminum sulfide is crushed and mixed with a slight excess of silica sand. Put the mixture into a crockpot, then put the crockpot into a quartz tube, and heat it while passing a small amount of dry nitrogen into the quartz tube. The reaction starts at 1100°C, and at 1200 to 1300°C, the sublimed SiS2 adheres to the low temperature area of the tube. When purifying, sublimation in nitrogen or vacuum. The mixture of silicon and sulfur is heated at 5×103MPa and 700°C to obtain tetragonal SiS2.

2. Heating to decompose hydrocarbon sulfide-based silicon, generating silicon disulfide and sulfide at 250-300°C. If sulfur is added, it will decompose at a lower temperature. Mix 96g of sulfur and 39g of Si(SC2H5)4 together and heat at 200°C for 10min to generate silicon disulfide and ethylsulfane (C2H5-S2-C2H5, C2H5-S3-C2H5). After the latter is dissolved in benzene, it is filtered under conditions that prevent mixing of moisture.

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