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The Applications of Nano Alumina Powder

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Update time : 2023-05-19 17:23:47
Nano alumina is an inorganic substance with the chemical formula Al2O3, a white crystalline powder with α, β, γ, and other crystals.
Different preparation methods and process conditions can obtain different structures of nano alumina: γ-type alumina, which is characterised by porosity, high dispersion and high activity, and is active alumina; α-Al2O3, which is resistant to high temperature, wear and corrosion; γ-Al2O3 has a large specific surface area, high porosity, heat resistance, good moulding, strong surface acidity and a certain surface alkalinity, and it is widely used as catalyst and catalyst carrier and other new green chemical material.

Aluminium oxide properties:

Compared with other materials, alumina has many unique and excellent properties, such as high melting point, high chemical stability and dielectric properties, high hardness, good wear resistance and low cost. As a result, alumina ceramics can be used in the manufacture of high-speed cutting tools, chemical high-pressure mechanical pump parts, internal combustion engine spark plugs, artificial joints and aviation magnetic fluid power generation materials and many other ceramic parts.
The special photoelectric properties, high magnetoresistance, non-linear resistance, high strength, high toughness and good stability at high temperatures, as well as the small size effect, surface interface effect, quantum size effect and macroscopic quantum tunneling effect common to all kinds of nano-powder materials, make it have broad application prospects in the fields of catalysis, light filtering, light absorption, medicine, magnetic media and new materials.

Applications of nano alumina

Nano alumina is widely used in chemical and chemical industry, medicine, catalysts and their carriers, ceramics and other fields because of its special properties.
1. In the application of ceramics, nano alumina powder made of precision ceramics with similar plasticity and toughness of metal, light quality, especially the strength is greatly improved, adding a small amount of micron or nano alumina in the conventional ceramic matrix can make the mechanical properties of the material to be multiplied, improve the toughness of ceramics and reduce its sintering temperature.
2. Ultra-fine alumina powder bio-ceramics in the physiological environment basically does not occur corrosion, has good structural compatibility, new tissue grows into the porous ceramic surface coherent pores, and the combination between the body tissue strength is high, and has high strength, small friction coefficient, low wear rate and other characteristics. Therefore, it is more widely used in clinical applications. As a new material for medicine, nano alumina has been used to make force-bearing artificial bone, dental root implants, drug slow release carriers, etc.; it has also been successfully used for reconstruction of maxillofacial bone defects, orthopaedics and repair of the five senses, etc.
3. As a surface protection layer material, nano alumina particles sprayed on the surface of metals, ceramics, plastics and other materials, can significantly improve the surface strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
4. Optical materials: nano alumina can absorb ultraviolet light, and under the excitation of certain wavelengths of light can produce light waves of wavelengths related to the size of the particles. Alumina can be sintered into transparent ceramics and used as a material for high-pressure sodium lamp tubes; it can be used as a protective coating for phosphor layers in compact fluorescent lamps; it can also be compounded with rare-earth phosphors to make luminescent materials for fluorescent tubes to improve lamp life. In addition, nano-alumina porous film has infrared absorption properties, can be made into stealth materials for the military field; using its absorption effect on 80nm ultraviolet light can be used as UV shielding materials and cosmetic additives.
5. As a catalyst and its carrier nano alumina catalytic function is one of its new uses is extremely important. Nanoscale powder with a large specific surface, made of catalyst and catalyst carrier performance more than ordinary catalytic materials several times.
6. Electronics industry: nano alumina has good electrical insulation, chemical durability, heat resistance, strong radiation resistance, high dielectric constant, flat and uniform surface, can be used as semiconductor materials and substrate materials for large-scale integrated circuits, widely used in microelectronics, electronics and information industry.

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