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Superhard materials-Industrial teeth

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Update time : 2019-08-14 14:25:52
Superhard materials mainly refer to diamond and cubic boron nitride. Diamond is the hardest material known in the world, including natural diamond and synthetic diamond. Natural diamond primary ores are mainly distributed in South Africa, Zaire and other countries. There are a small amount of placer ores in India and China. Artificial diamond is produced by conversion of graphite under high temperature and high pressure conditions of about 5 GPa and 1700 K using graphite as raw material and catalytic metals such as nickel and cobalt as catalyst. Diamond has the characteristics of high hardness, wear resistance and good thermal stability. Cubic boron nitride (abbreviated as cBN) does not exist in nature and is man-made. After the success of synthetic diamond, scientists used materials, equipment and technology similar to synthetic diamond to create a new material. Its hardness is second only to diamond, but it has higher thermal stability than diamond. Qualitative and chemical inertia of ferrous metals and their alloys.

The hardness of superhard material is much higher than that of other materials (including abrasive material corundum, silicon carbide, tool material cemented carbide, high speed steel, etc.), and it has incomparable excellent mechanical, thermal, optical, acoustic, electrical and biological properties, belonging to high efficiency, high precision and long life (semi-permanent). Energy-saving, green and environment-friendly materials enjoy the praise of "King of Materials". They are extreme materials with wide applications. They can not only process all kinds of difficult-to-process materials, but also have the functions of high sensitivity, high precision, high power, high transmittance, high heat conduction, high electron transfer, high affinity, high wear resistance, corrosion resistance and radiation resistance.

Component development direction. It can not only solve the problem that the emerging new materials cannot be processed by traditional tools (such as the new multi-layer composite plate of tank bullet-proof armor, the new heat-resistant alloy parts of large aircraft, the key parts of large warships, etc.), but also achieve twice the result with half the effort or unexpected results. The birth and development of the superhard material industry has spawned some new industrial fields (such as stone, floor tile, glass furniture and other manufacturing industries), and has also increased the efficiency of some traditional processing (such as optical lenses such as cameras, cameras, telescopes, precision guided missile hood, etc.) by hundreds of times. It has low consumption and waste discharge and is irreplaceable in many application fields.
Development Trend of Superhard Material Industry
1) With the continuous development of industrial production technology in the world, the era of superhard material industry monopolized by a few countries (companies) in the world has passed, and the production layout is developing towards multi-polarization.

2) As superhard materials are more and more widely used in various industrial fields, the overall demand of superhard materials market has increased steadily, and the market price has declined steadily. The proportion of industrial diamonds used for processing non-metallic materials and building materials will continue to increase.

3) According to the special requirements of various industrial application fields, the product series and special product series are formulated, and the specifications and varieties are further improved.

4) Diamond tools characterized by precision, ultra-precision, high efficiency, long life and economic practicability are gradually forming a series. The research and standardization of diamond tools are developing rapidly. Some small diamond tools, such as diamond plating dressing tools for small size diamond cutting pieces, have entered the family.

5) High-tech products continue to emerge, and large single crystal particles and nano-sized ultra-fine powder products for industrial use are beginning to enter the market. Monocrystalline diamond tools made from single crystal large particle synthetic diamond have been successfully applied in industry.

6) Significant progress has been made in low pressure vapor deposition (CVD) technology. Diamond films have entered the market as new structural and functional materials. It fully demonstrates the broad prospects of the new application fields of synthetic diamond.

7) Static pressing and diamond press are still the most important equipment for producing superhard materials nowadays. Different types of synthetic equipment have their own advantages. Large-scale press is an inevitable trend in the development of superhard materials industry.

8) Diamond synthesized by dynamic method has been industrialized, and new synthetic methods (such as liquid phase epitaxy, laser method, etc.) will be widely concerned.

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