Nitride Powder

Boron Nitride BN Powder CAS 10043-11-5

Item No.: Tr-BN
Purity: 99%
Particle Size: 100nm, 500nm, 3-5um
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Product Performance of Boron Nitride BN powder:
Boron nitride is a most simple new type of macromolecular materials with both of hexagonal and cubic crystal shapes. 
It is a kind of product with high temperature-resisting, corrosion-resisting, high insulating and good lubricity.
Its oxidation-resisting temperature can reach 1000°C, and possesses also good lubricity in high temperature, so it is 
a  kind of good high temperature solid lubricants.

Technical Parameter of Boron Nitride BN powder:
Product Name MF Purity   Paticle Size Melting Point   Density 
boron nitride   BN    99% 100nm, 500nm,
 3000℃ 2.29 white

Chemical Composition of Boron Nitride BN powder:
BN MgO Na2O Fe2O3 CuO MnO
99% 0.068% 0.08% 0.06% 0.012% 0.0253%

Application of Boron Nitride BN powder:
Used for high-temperature solid lubricants, extrusion anti-wear additives, additives for the production of ceramic composites;
Used in special electrolysis and resistance materials for high temperature conditions;
Used for heat shield materials in aerospace;
Used as a release agent for metal forming and a lubricant for metal wire drawing;

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