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Preparation Scheme and Application of Amorphous Solid Germanium Oxide

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Update time : 2020-07-31 09:00:09

What Is Germanium Oxide

Germanium oxide is a kind of white powder, it is hexagonal crystal system, tetragonal crystal system or amorphous solid. The relative density of the hexagonal morphology of this substance is 4.228, and the melting point is (1115±4)°C. The tetragonal morphology of germanium oxide has a relative density of 6.239 and a melting point of (1086±5)°C. Germanium oxide is insoluble in water and hydrochloric acid; it dissolves in alkaline solution to generate germanate.

Classification of Germanium Oxide

Germanium oxide materials include two kinds of germanium monoxide GeO and germanium dioxide GeO2. Germanium monoxide is a black needle-like crystal, which sublimates at 710°C and is insoluble in water. There are two crystal forms of germanium dioxide: one is a white tetragonal crystal with a melting point of 1086°C and a density of 6.239g/cm3, which is insoluble in water; the other is a white hexagonal crystal with a melting point of 1115°C and a boiling point of 1200°C , The density is 4.228g/cm3, slightly soluble in water, the solubility at room temperature is 0.4g/100g water. Germanium monoxide is easily oxidized into germanium dioxide when heated in air; disproportionation reaction occurs easily when heated in isolation. Germanium monoxide is easily soluble in acid and strong alkali solutions, and the product has obvious reducing properties. Germanium dioxide is stable in the air and under heating. It is hard to dissolve in acid, and easily dissolves in strong alkali solution to generate germanate. Germanium dioxide can be obtained by burning metal germanium or germanium sulfide in the air, or by oxidizing germanium or germanium sulfide with concentrated nitric acid and then sintering and dehydrating. Germanium monoxide can be produced by reducing germanium dioxide with hydrogen or carbon monoxide under heating.

Preparation of Germanium Oxide

Germanium tetrachloride hydrolysis method: Add 6.5 times the volume of distilled water to germanium tetrachloride, stir and leave for a day and night to generate germanium dioxide precipitation, wash with cold water until the lotion does not contain Cl-. Germanium oxide can be dried at 200°C to obtain germanium dioxide products. The reaction formula is as follows: GeCl4 +2H2O=GeO2 +4HCl

Uses of Germanium Oxide

Germanium oxide substances can be used as raw materials for the preparation of metal germanium and other germanium compounds, as catalysts in the preparation of polyethylene terephthalate resins, as well as spectral analysis and semiconductor materials.

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