Oxide Powder

Germanium Oxide GeO2 CAS 1310-53-8

Item No.: TR-GeO2
Purity: 99.99%, 99.999%
Particle size: 100mesh-300mesh
Germanium Oxide GeO2 CAS 1310-53-8


1. Germanium dioxide is a stable, white powder that is most commonly extracted from sphalerite zinc ores and lignite coal fly ash.

2. Germanium concentrates can be treated via a chlorine distillation method that produces germanium tetrachloride (GeCl4).

3. This form of germanium dioxide has a hexagonal crystal structure and is soluble in water at a rate of 4.5g per litre (25°C).

Basic info
1. Item: Germanium 99.999% 5n, germanium oxide powder, germanium dioxide GeO2

2. CAS No.:  1310-53-8

3. Purity: 99.999% 

4. Particle Size: 100Mesh(0.15mm), 200Mesh(0.075mm)

5. Testing Method: ICP-MS or GDMS

6. MOQ: 1KG

Elements Concentration
(ppm wt)
GeO2% 99.999min
As(ppm) 0.5max
Fe(ppm) 0.1max
Cu(ppm) 0.2max
Ni(ppm) 0.2max
Pb(ppm) 0.1max
Co(ppm) 0.2max
Al(ppm) 0.1max
Total content of impurity 10max
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