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Nanomaterials: A New Generation of Stealth Materials

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Update time : 2020-07-29 09:00:14

Stealth Technology

As the saying goes: Lagging behind leaves one vulnerable to attacks. With the development of science and technology, the military industry of various countries is also constantly exploring new field. Stealth technology has been a hot topic among scientists and military scientists around the world in recent years. Now let's learn what stealth technology is.

Stealth technology, to be exact, is the Low Observable Technology, which is to change the detectability information characteristics of our target by researching and using various technical means.

Stealth technology is an application and extension of traditional camouflage technology. Its appearance makes the camouflage technology change from defensive to offensive, from passive to active, enhancing the survival ability of troops and enhancing the threat to the enemy.

And to "stealth" the biggest difficulty is the development of stealth materials. Stealth materials can reduce the detection rate and improve the survival rate, which is the material basis of weapon stealth and an important part of stealth technology. For different detection wave spectrum, stealth materials can be divided into sound, radar, infrared, visible light and laser stealth materials. According to the material forming process and carrying capacity, it can be divided into stealthy coating material and stealthy structure material. So the development of stealth materials is of great military significance. Its application in aircraft, main battle tanks, ships and arrows will become an important part of national defense high technology. For ground weapons, the emphasis is to prevent aerial radar or infrared equipment detection, radar guided weapons and laser guided bombs attack; For combat aircraft, the focus is to prevent the detection of awACS radar, airborne fire control radar and infrared equipment, active and semi-active radar, air-to-air missile and infrared fighting missile.

Nanomaterials as The New Generation of Stealth Materials

Recently, scientists have discovered that nanomaterials can be used as a new generation of stealth materials because of their excellent wave-absorbing properties. Because nanomaterials have surface effect, quantum size effect and small size effect, causing them to have high optical nonlinearity, specific catalytic and optical properties, have different from original state a series of optical, thermal, magnetic, and mechanical properties, it is easy to combine with other atoms, so they are the ideal experiment materials.

According to its absorbing mechanism, stealth materials can be divided into electric loss type and magnetic loss type. Taking nanometer metal powder as an example, the absorbing mechanism of electroloss-type nanometer stealth material is analyzed in detail.

With the decrease of particle size of metal powder (such as iron, nickel, etc.), especially after reaching the nanometer level, the conductivity is very low and the specific saturation magnetization of the material decreases, but the magnetization and coerciousness increase sharply. In the process of thinning, more and more atoms are on the surface, which increases the activity of nanomaterials. Therefore, under the radiation of certain band electromagnetic waves, atoms and electrons move more rapidly, which promotes magnetization and converts electromagnetic energy into heat energy, thus increasing the wave-absorbing performance of materials.

The Application Prospect of Stealth Materials

Although the current engineering research is still not very mature, and due to the restriction of the confidentiality system, the actual application has not been reported, but nano stealth materials have become one of the key research directions in the stealth materials, and the future development prospect is bright.And its application to the actual products, will also have a huge impact on the political, economic, military and other aspects of each country.

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