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Nano silver solution broad-spectrum sterilization

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Update time : 2021-11-26 10:09:27
Silver has been used as human utensils and jewelry for thousands of years. Scientifically speaking, silver has the effect of sterilization and disinfection. The antibacterial effect of silver mainly comes from the adsorption of silver ions on microorganisms. When the microorganisms are adsorbed by silver ions, they are responsible for breathing. After the enzyme is destroyed, it will lose its activity, achieving the purpose of sterilization.
Nano-silver is the use of cutting-edge nano-technology to nano-size silver. The emergence of nano-technology has made a qualitative leap in the bactericidal ability of silver in the nano-state. Very little nano-silver can produce a powerful bactericidal effect, which can kill within a few minutes. Kill more than 700 kinds of bacteria, broad-spectrum sterilization without any drug resistance, can promote wound healing, cell growth and repair of damaged cells, without any toxic reaction, and no irritation, which is widely used in nano Silver to antibacterial has opened up a broad prospect and is the latest generation of natural antibacterial agents.
Silver ions not only have the function of destroying bacterial proteins, but also have a super function-sterilization, and relatively little harm to heavy metal silver. The silver element in the cup will dissolve a small amount of material into the water to form silver ions, but a small amount of silver ions can destroy many bacteria in the solution.
The sterilization principle of super nano silver
Principle 1: Super nano-silver-nanotechnology processing silver particles, its activity becomes stronger, and silver ions are released after contact with water, and the active silver ions can enter the cell wall of bacteria freely, causing the cell wall to rupture and the cytoplasm to flow out of the bacteria to die instantly;
Principle 2: After the silver ions come into contact with the negatively charged microbial cells, they attract the sulfhydryl groups on the enzyme proteins in the bacteria and combine with the sulfhydryl groups and other functional groups of the catalytic system, causing the bacteria to be unable to carry out the activities of respiration, metabolism and reproduction. Until death, so as to achieve the effect of sterilization.
Silver can use these two mechanisms to kill bacteria (including existing super bacteria), and will not produce drug resistance.
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