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Metal printings--Not just decorations

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Update time : 2019-07-30 15:17:15

Market expectation

The building curtain wall is the product of building technology, is the integration of building technology, architectural art. At present, fluorocarbon-coated aluminum veneers are not only used in high-rise building curtain walls but also in interior decoration due to their excellent resistance to fading, corrosion, UV, cracking and weathering. However, fluorocarbon-coated aluminum veneers have many defects that cannot be avoided, such as large pollution, high energy consumption, and monotonous patterns. Adopting the roller coating printing process, it can mass-produce the printing metal plate products with higher quality than the fluorocarbon sprayed aluminum veneer: the roller coated fluorocarbon metal paint saves about 50% of the material amount; the fluorocarbon metal paint is sprayed and the efficiency is more than 4 times; the roll-coated elastic fluorocarbon metal paint is more resistant to cracking than the flat coating; the roller coating is richer in pattern and vivid in color than the sprayed stone pattern.


The printed metal plate is a kind of building material decorative board which has been developed in recent years. It is made of high-quality hot-dip galvanized substrate or aluminum plate, and is made of fluorocarbon or high-quality paint and metal printing ink by six-coating and six-baking and printing process. It is a decorative board that obtains a variety of different patterns. Its appearance is more beautiful, more three-dimensional, more rigid and superior in performance.
The product has no radiation, anti-static, anti-staining, self-cleaning, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, luxurious and bright, a strong sense of the subject, strong color and color retention, no powdering, no rust, so that the problem of a single color is solved perfectly. And more optional design style, more cost-effective!
It uses the printed metal plate for construction, further processing, molding and compounding. As the metal curtain wall of the inner and outer walls of the building, it has the advantages of simple structure, convenient installation, smooth surface, durable and recyclable; and inorganic core cleaning by printed metal plate The board has the characteristics of greatly reducing the toxicity of smoke in the case of fire, and the combustion performance reaches A2 grade (the highest grade), and the smoke toxicity index reaches ZA1 grade. It has excellent performance of non-combustible, safe and non-toxic. At the same time, it also has the characteristics of fire prevention, heat insulation, energy-saving, sound absorption, noise reduction, moisture resistance and mildew resistance. It is a new energy-saving and environmentally friendly multi-purpose composite material.

Technical points

The six-coating and six-baking process production line, that is, after the pre-treatment, the substrate is subjected to high-temperature curing and cooling treatment through three coatings, and then the process of three-layer printing and low-temperature curing is performed on the basis of the process, after six repetitions, finally ensure the coating adhesion of the product is good, the weather resistance is excellent, the pattern is clear, accurate, and the stereoscopic effect is strong.
Development significance and purpose of printed metal plates for construction
  1. Let the single color coating and multi-color coating form a visual unity with the traditional stone series and wood grain road, let the colorful color coated board enter the urbanized construction field, instead of the stone and wood effect.
  2. Protecting the ecological environment, reducing people's exploitation of stone and damage to forest resources, is an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly green product.
  3. Lighten the load on the building.
  4. Reduced the use of steel and concrete for the main engineering design.
  5. In line with the recycling of resources, it will not cause pollution and damage to the ecological environment by construction waste.
  6. With the advent of the era of personalization, metal curtain wall printing panels can provide individualized elements and change the situation of a single plain color.

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