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Magical Catalyst Potassium Oleate

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Magical Catalyst Potassium Oleate

Potassium oleate is a potassium catalyst which is mainly used as a catalyst for the reaction of polyisoprene in polyurethane foam. It can also be used as an emulsifier, a detergent, and the like — appearance and traits: brown stable or transparent to amber liquid.

Melting point: 235 - 240oC. Boiling point: 360oC at 760 mmHg.



Oleic acid is a liquid with a carboxyl-COOH at the end of the long chain. The potassium is directly put into the oleic acid, and a displacement reaction occurs to generate hydrogen and potassium oleate. The saponification method is mainly used in the industry. Oils such as butter and sheep oil are saponified with potassium hydroxide and are obtained by salting out and Separating glycerin


1. Calculate the MOL ratio of about 1:1.1 = oleic acid: potassium hydroxide.

2. KOH is dissolved to 20% concentration and heated to about 80 degrees.

3. Add oleic acid slowly after stirring.

4. Continue cooking after the addition; the temperature rises to the near-boiling point.

5. The reaction is completed. That is a potassium oleate solution.



Potassium oleate can be classified according to their useful content. At present, most of the market has a potassium oleate content of about 30%, but according to different market requirements, if the content is continuously increased, its state will also change, such as potassium oleate content. When it exceeds 80%, it becomes a paste, and if it is high, it will become stable, for example, a block or powder. At the same time, according to the specific requirements, it can also produce environmentally friendly potassium oleate solution such as colorless and low odor.



Used as an emulsifier and cleaning agent. Used in creams and shampoos. It has high emulsifying efficiency, but it is easy to form calcium soap in case of hard water. It can also be used as a fiber softener.

It is a potassium catalyst and is widely used in polyisocyanate foam reactions.
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