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Magic Superconducting Material

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Update time : 2020-08-31 09:34:00

What is Superconductivity

When your hands are cold in winter, put your hands together and rub them together to make them warm. This is the reason why friction heats up. When we use electrical appliances, electrical appliances and wires will also get hot, because the current and electrical appliances, wire also have "friction", this "friction" is the source of resistance. The heat generated by the resistance is a huge waste of electricity. China loses 45 billion kilowatts more electricity each year from power lines than developed countries, equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of a central province, Xinhua reported. At the root of all this is the existence of resistance. Superconductivity is short for superconductivity. It refers to the sudden disappearance of resistance to zero in some materials below a temperature known as the superconducting critical temperature (or superconducting transition temperature). As one of the greatest scientific discoveries in the 20th century, superconductors have a series of magical physical properties, such as zero resistance and complete diamagnetism, and have great application prospects in the fields of scientific research, information communication, industrial processing, energy storage, transportation, biomedicine and even aerospace.

The Main Types of Superconducting Materials

1.Magnesium Diboride

Magnesium Diboride has the highest critical temperature and higher critical current density in conventional superconductors. The crystal structure belongs to hexagonal system with magnesium and boron layers arranged alternately. The chemical elements that make up oxide high-temperature superconductors are generally expensive, and the resulting superconducting materials are brittle and difficult to process into wires, while boron and magnesium are cheap and easy to make into wires. It is generally prepared by PIT method. In addition, electrophoresis is a new method to prepare high quality MgB2 strip.

2.Department of bismuth

There are three main bismuth systems: Bi2Sr2CuOb, Bi2Sr2CaCu2OB, and Bi2Sr2 Ca2Cu3CuO10. BSCCO powder has excellent sintering and superconducting properties and has been commercially produced for the manufacture and development of bismuth wires. In addition to the traditional solid reaction method, there are also coprecipitation method, sol-gel method and solution self-propagating combustion method at high temperature, among which tu-fog drying and tu-fog pyrolysis method are suitable for large-scale production of bismuth powder.

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