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Excellent Performance of Boron Nitride Lubricants

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Update time : 2019-12-17 14:46:59
Regarding lubrication, we may first think of lubricating oil. These grease-based lubricants play an essential role in the operation of machinery and equipment. However, with the development of technology, unique changes are required by high-end manufacturing, defense technology, aerospace, and other industries. Lubricants have higher requirements (high temperature, low temperature, high speed, heavy load, vacuum, corrosion, etc.).

With the development of solid lubricants, graphite, molybdenum disulfide, etc. are now more commonly used, and boron nitride is emerging. The solid lubricant has a unique and excellent performance compared to the former and has become a popular material for current and future development.

Hexagonal boron nitride is known as white graphite, because of its similar structure to white graphite, graphite is widely used in the industry to make various lubricants, and hexagonal boron nitride is also can be used as lubricants.

Compared with traditional carbon black and graphite, boron nitride lubricant has excellent lubricating properties and high-temperature stability, improved the use efficiency of the mold, prolong the service life of the mold, improve the product qualification rate, reduce the amount of release agent and increase economic benefits. In addition, boron nitride lubricant has excellent environmental protection materials, which reduces environmental pollution during use, which can significantly improve the working environment of the factory and the cleanliness of the final product.


The addition of boron nitride lubricant can significantly improve the friction and wear performance of Si3N4. With the increase of boron nitride lubricant content, the friction factor decreased from 0.3 to 0.4 to 0.01. Si3N4-20% boron nitride composite ceramic has the best friction and wear performance, and the wear rate is close to zero. Boron nitride lubricant has a useful application for other friction resistance materials and other self-lubricating functional materials in reducing the amount of wear, stabilizing the friction coefficient, and reducing the sensitivity to speed, pressure, and high temperature.

Boron nitride lubricants have these characteristics: excellent high temperature resistance and oxidation stability, small friction coefficient, strong load capacity; no carbonization, no coking, no loss at high temperature, and excellent high-temperature lubricity; good water resistance, Insulation and thermal conductivity, chemical resistance, non-corrosive metal; white, unstained, containing organic molybdenum additives, enhance its lubrication and anti-wear properties.

Boron nitride lubricants are suitable for the lubrication of high temperature or high load, low-speed sliding parts, such as high-temperature bearings, bushings, bolts, fasteners, joints, and sliding surfaces, it is especially suitable for the sintered parts such as the buckle position, thimble, oblique top and corner of the injection molding machine;

Boron nitride lubricant is suitable for lubrication of high temperature bearings and sliding parts such as heating furnaces, flame cutters, drying ovens, boilers at high temperatures. It is suitable for anti-wear and lubrication during the assembly of various bolts and screws, preventing high-temperature adhesion and sintering.


In addition to its own lubricating, boron nitride is relatively stable to almost all organic solvents and corrosive substances. Therefore, it is unnecessary to consider that boron nitride will react with organic solvents or other ingredients to affect the performance of the product. In addition, the white block formed by hot pressing and sintering of boron nitride powder is easy to machine, making the production process more simple and convenient.

Lubricants is only one aspect of the boron nitride uses. The heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and lubricating of boron nitride can be sprayed with boron nitride powder on graphite pads and containers used in metal heat treatment and sintering of superhard alloys. To prevent carburizing of metals and alloys, and to solve the problem of wetting of the binder and graphite in the alloy.

Meantime, it can also be used as a release agent for glass and metal molding, orange paint, metal wire drawing lubricants, and various pressure processing lubricants. Adding boron nitride to copper, aluminum, brass, and other metal powders and sintered to make self-lubricating powder metallurgy products, which can be used as oil-free bearings, sliding materials, contacts, etc. Boron nitride has many advantages in performance so that it can be used as lubricating materials, heat-resistant materials, corrosion-resistant materials, electrical materials, and high-strength materials.

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