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Application of Silicon Nitride Ceramics in Refractory Industry

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Update time : 2021-08-12 09:11:17
Silicon nitride has high strength, especially hot-pressed silicon nitride, which is one of the hardest materials in the world. It is extremely resistant to high temperature, and its strength can be maintained to a high temperature of 1200°C without falling. It will not melt into a melt after being heated, and will not decompose until 1900°C.

Silicon nitride has amazing resistance to chemical corrosion. It can withstand almost all inorganic acids and caustic soda solutions below 30%, as well as many organic acids. It is also a high-performance electrical insulating material.

Silicon nitride ceramics have excellent characteristics, and people often use it to make bearings, turbine blades, mechanical seal rings, permanent molds and other mechanical components.


Application of Silicon Nitride in Refractory Industry

Silicon nitride ceramics are considered to be a promising high-temperature structural material due to their excellent high-temperature properties such as high high-temperature strength, good wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

(1) Application in ironmaking refractories
In recent years, corundum-silicon carbide-silicon nitride-carbon products used in large-scale blast furnaces have made considerable progress. However, silicon nitride, silicon oxynitride or silicon carbide refractory products combined with silicon carbide have been widely used in the middle section of large blast furnaces and the load-bearing parts of coke ovens.

(2) Application in steelmaking refractories
In recent years, silicon nitride has been used in the skateboard material at the bottom of the ladle at home and abroad. The addition of silicon nitride material to the slide plate improves the wear resistance, erosion resistance and service life of the slide plate, and reduces the cost of steel per ton of ladle refining;

(3) Application in refractory smelting of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, zinc, etc.
Silicon nitride ceramics does not wet with metal solutions at high temperatures, so it can be used for high-temperature parts in the non-ferrous metal smelting process, such as thermowells, smelting furnace linings and various container linings, crucibles, etc. Silicon nitride ceramic products have good thermal shock resistance and can be used stably for a long time at high temperatures or in high-temperature-low-temperature cycles.

(4) Application in kiln furniture materials
The ceramic shed is a silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide material prepared by reaction sintering under high temperature nitrogen atmosphere with silicon carbide as the particle raw material and metal Si as fine powder, which greatly improves the performance of the material.

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