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Aluminum Nitride Powder Property And Applications

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Update time : 2021-02-15 18:41:36

The property of aluminum nitride powder:

Aluminum nitride, its chemical formula is AlN, is an atomic crystal, belongs to diamond-like nitride, hexagonal crystal system, wurtzite crystal structure, non-toxic, white or off-white.

Aluminum nitride powder can be stable up to 2200℃, it has high room temperature strength, and its strength decreases slowly with the increase of temperature. Aluminum nitride powder has good thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion coefficient, making it a good thermal shock material. AlN powder has strong resistance to molten metal corrosion and is an ideal crucible material for casting pure iron, aluminum or aluminum alloy. Aluminum nitride powder is also an electrical insulator with good dielectric properties.


The application of aluminum nitride powder:

Aluminum nitride is used in optoelectronic engineering, including as dielectric layer in optical storage interface and electronic substrate, as chip carrier with high thermal conductivity, and for military use.

1. Aluminum nitride AlN powder has high purity, small particle size and high activity. It is the main raw material for manufacturing high thermal conductivity aluminum nitride ceramic substrate.

2. Aluminum nitride ceramic substrate has high thermal conductivity, low expansion coefficient, high strength, high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, high resistivity, and low dielectric loss. It is an ideal large-scale integrated circuit heat dissipation substrate and packaging material.

3.Aluminum nitride powder has high hardness, which is higher than traditional alumina.It is a new type of wear-resistant ceramic material, but due to its high cost, it can only be used for severely worn parts.

4. Utilizing the heat resistance and melt erosion resistance and thermal shock resistance of AlN ceramics, GaAs crystal crucibles, Al evaporating dishes, magnetic fluid power generation devices and high-temperature turbine corrosion-resistant parts can be made, and its optical properties can be used as infrared windows. Aluminum nitride film can be made into high-frequency piezoelectric components, ultra-large-scale integrated circuit substrates, etc.

5. Aluminum nitride powder is heat-resistant, resistant to corrosion by molten metal, stable to acid, but easily corroded in alkaline solution. The new surface of AlN will react when exposed to humid air to form a very thin oxide film. Using this feature, it can be used as a crucible and casting mold material for melting aluminum, copper, silver, lead and other metals. AlN ceramics have good metallization properties and can replace toxic beryllium oxide ceramics and are widely used in the electronics industry.

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