Carbide powder

Silicon Carbide SiC CAS 409-21-2

Item No.: TR-SiC
Particle size: 100mesh to 2000mesh, 50nm
Purity: 99%
Silicon Carbide SiC CAS 409-21-2
Silicon Carbide Particle size: 15-20 microns
Silicon Carbide density: 2.09-23.23g/cm3
Silicon Carbide hardness: 9.2-9.5
Silicon Carbide application: 
Battery anode material, change the previous ternary material battery production and the negative electrode of the primary battery into the nacl mode, test the addition of silicon carbide material, which can be combined with graphite, carbon nanotubes, nano titanium nitride, etc. to form the anode material of lithium battery. Improve the capacity of the lithium battery itself and enhance the service life of the battery.
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