Nitride Powder

Molybdenum Nitride MoN Powder CAS 12033-19-1

Item No.: Tr-MoN
Purity: 99.9%
Particle Size: -100 mesh
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Product Performance of Molybdenum Nitride MoN Powder:
Our molybdenum nitride powder is with high purity, ultrafine particle size, bigger surface area.

Technical Data of Molybdenum Nitride MoN Powder:
 Part Name  High Purity Molybdenum Nitride Powder
 MF  MoN
 Purity  99.9%
 Particle Size           -100 mesh
 Application  Coating material; catalytic material; filler of modified pigment, modified ink.
Specification of Molybdenum Nitride MoN Powder:

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