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Chromium oxide green: a booster for innovative magnetic materials
Chromium oxide green, a green compound with unique magnetic properties, is a leading innovation in the field of magnetic materials. The excellent magnetic properties of this substance make it a key component in manufacturing high-performance magnetic mate
Chromium oxide green: a new star in grinding materials
Chromium oxide green, with its unique hardness and stability, is becoming the latest star in the field of grinding materials. This green powder brings innovation to the grinding and polishing of machinery, instruments, meters, clocks, and ball bearings du
Inconel 718 powder: the "superhero" of the chemical industry
Inconel 718 powder, a metal material that performs well in high-temperature and high-pressure environments, has recently attracted widespread attention in the chemical industry. This material is widely used in the manufacturing of essential equipment such
Scientists use phonons to precisely control magnetism, which is expected to promote the development of fields such as quantum and topological material
Ferric oxide is extensively utilized in many areas due to its good magnetic residential or commercial properties and chemical stability. It is a powdered material composed of three compounds, iron oxide and iron oxide, and can be used in many industries s
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