CAS 7782-49-2 Se powder selenium powder

Item No.: Tr-Se
Particle Size: 100 mesh, 200 mesh, 325 mesh
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Features of selenium powder
Amorphous red powder, becoming black on standing and crystalline on heating; vitreous and colloidal forms may be prepared. Amorphous form softens at 40 °C and melts at 217 °C. It rarely occurs in its elemental state in nature, or as pure ore compounds. Soluble in concentrated nitric acid and in (liquid form) common alkalies. Forms binary alloys with silver, copper, zinc, lead, etc. Low toxicity. A necessary nutritional factor for animals.

Hazards of selenium powder
Selenium salts are toxic in large amounts, but trace amounts are necessary for cellular function

Applications of selenium powder
Selenium could be used in different fields, according to its purity. Selenium is now used in a variety of applications, from glass and metallurgical applications to pigments, agriculture and electronics.
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