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Zinc Sulfide With Excellent Properties And Broad Application

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Update time : 2019-12-03 14:38:19
Zinc sulfide powder is an II-VI compound semiconductor with the chemical formula of ZnS. It’s the main form of zinc found in nature, also the only white metal sulfide, but it will get darker when exposed to sunlight. And placed in humid air for a long time, it can be partially converted to zinc sulfate. Zinc sulfide has a variety of excellent properties and is widely used in different fields.

Applications of zinc sulfide ZnS powder:
1.Chemical industry
Zinc sulfide is mainly used in paints and plastics in chemical production. Due to its several physical and chemical properties, It becomes an essential pigment in paint. First and foremost, zinc sulfide ZnS powder is white, opaque and insoluble in water. Besides, it’s an organic solvent with weak acid and base. In the United States, zinc sulfide is the second most crucial pigment in addition to titanium dioxide. In the European industry, zinc sulfide is still the most important one. With its high refraction coefficient and wear resistance, the hiding power of zinc sulfide pigment is relatively high, even if apply a thin layer on equipment, a wax paper and metal plate.
Zinc sulfide is easily dispersed and is not easy to agglomerate. And it’s neutral white and has excellent optical properties. So it is often used as a component of thermoset plastics, flame retardant artificial rubber, etc.
Zinc sulfide is the most important luminescent material. It’s widely used in color TV, monochrome TV and X-ray fluoroscopy. It is also the main material for making electroluminescent powder and thin film, permanent luminescent powder and long afterglow photoluminescent powder. Strictly speaking, zinc sulfide is not a luminescent material, but a matrix. And it is a extensive bandgap semiconductor material and transparent to visible light. Various kinds of activators are incorporated to obtain multiple luminescence from near-ultraviolet to near-infrared. It needs to be prepared to become a variety of required luminescent materials. During preparation, add different activators for different applications.
3.Ceramics material
Since zinc sulfide has excellent sintering properties, people often use it in the ceramic industry. Studies have shown that the sintering properties of monodisperse particles of zinc sulfide powder are higher than that of agglomerated zinc sulfide. And with the particle size decreases, the sintering properties of it enhance.

Since nano zinc sulfide ZnS powder is a photonic material, it can generate photon holes. The energy level changes caused by the quantum size effect and the widening of the energy gap enhance the redox ability. Wrap the nano zinc sulfide on polystyrene or silica to form a nanoparticle with a core-shell structure. And then remove the core to make a hollow sphere, which floats on the surface of the wastewater containing organic matter. And use sunlight to degrade the organic matter. The United States and Japan use this method to deal with pollution caused by oil spills at sea.
In conclusion, the excellent properties of zinc sulfide ZnS powder are increasingly valued by materials scientists.

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