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Why is zinc oxide used in rubber?

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Update time : 2022-09-30 15:22:43
Zinc oxide is an oxide of zinc. Insoluble in water, soluble in acids and strong bases. Zinc oxide is a commonly used chemical additive, which is widely used in the production of plastics, silicate products, synthetic rubber, lubricants, paints, ointments, adhesives, food, batteries, flame retardants and other products.
Zinc oxide has large band gap and exciton binding energy, high transparency and excellent luminescence properties at room temperature. it is used in liquid crystal displays, thin film transistors, light emitting diodes and other products in the semiconductor field.
In addition, zinc oxide of microparticles, as a kind of nano-material, also began to play a role in related fields.
What is Zinc oxide used for?
1. It is mainly used as reinforcing agent and active agent in rubber or cable industry, coloring agent and filler of white rubber, vulcanizing agent in Chloroprene rubber, etc.
2. Fine desulfurization of material gas in chemical fertilizer industry.
3. Mainly used as white pigments, rubber vulcanizing active agents, organic catalysts, desulfurizing agents, for xerographic printing, pharmaceutical, etc.
4. Used for desulphurization of NH3, petroleum and natural gas chemical material gas.
5. Used as a matrix for analytical reagents, reference reagents, fluorescent agents and photosensitive data.
6. Used for electrostatic wet copying, dry transfer printing, laser facsimile communication, electrostatic recording of electronic computers and electrostatic plate making files.
7. Used for plastic occupation, sunscreen cosmetics series products, special ceramic products, special functional coatings and textile cleaning processing, etc.
8. It is widely used in the deep desulfurization and purification process of industrial materials such as NH3, methanol and hydrogen production.
9. Used as an astringent, for making ointment or plaster.
10. Used as a white pigment for printing and dyeing, papermaking, matches and pharmaceutical industries. Used as vulcanizing active agent, reinforcing agent and coloring agent of natural rubber, rubber and latex in rubber industry. It is also used in the production of pigments zinc chromium yellow, zinc acetate, zinc carbonate, zinc chloride and so on. In addition, it is also used in electronic laser data, phosphors, feed additives, catalysts and magnetic materials to make feed additives as zinc patching agents in feed processing.
11. Inorganic white pigment. The coloring power is not as strong as titanium dioxide and Lithopone. Widely used in ABS resin, (C8H8) n, epoxy resin, phenolic resin, NH3-based resin and PVC and paint and ink coloring.
What is the role of Zinc oxide in Coatings?
1. As a white pigment: Zinc oxide is a white pigment, also known as zinc white. Because its coloring power is smaller than that of titanium dioxide, it can be used more when using zinc oxide instead of titanium dioxide when it is needed to adjust the color of titanium dioxide varnish. It makes the weighing of the color paste convenient, the adjustment is easy and accurate, and the color sensitivity is reduced.
2. A little used to improve the properties of coatings in epoxy resins containing carboxyl functional groups.
Zinc oxide is alkaline and can react with carboxyl functional groups in epoxy resin to form zinc soap to improve the flexibility and strength of the coating, and the coating is cleaner than titanium dioxide.
3. Promote the reaction between epoxy group and carboxyl group.
In epoxy resin / polyester, polyester / TGIC and other electrostatic powders, the carboxyl reaction of epoxy reaction is accelerated, the catalytic reaction is dry-solid, and the solidification time is reduced.
4. As a conductive functional filler.
It is necessary to prevent static electricity or conductive static electricity in some industrial applications. As a metal oxide, zinc oxide has a certain electrical conductivity, so it is widely used as conductive filler in this kind of architectural coating.
5. It has the function of shielding ultraviolet light.
Zinc oxide is a reasonable and cheap white light stabilizer. It has good security protection ability especially for UV light in 240--380nm range. Often used in electrostatic powder, especially for outdoor electrostatic powder has a good UV shielding ability, can increase the service life of the coating.
6. Have the function of removing mildew and bacteria.
Zinc oxide has strong germicidal ability and can be used for sterilization in water-soluble architectural coatings. It also has the actual effect of mildew removal when used in electrostatic powder.
Why is zinc oxide used in rubber?
Although zinc oxide is only a small part of the formula in the rubber production process, it plays an important role. Zinc oxide and stearic acid form zinc soap together, which improves the solubility of zinc oxide in rubber compound and forms a complex with accelerator. This complex is particularly active and reacts with sulfur to form a strong vulcanizing agent. Zinc oxide plays a good role in promoting vulcanization, which is a key link in rubber production.
In addition, zinc oxide can also increase the cross-linking density of rubber in the process of rubber production. Zinc oxide reacts with stearic acid to form Zn2++ salt, which chelates with the side hanging group of rubber accelerator containing sulfur, which makes the weak bond in a stable state, changes the cracking position of sulfur bond, makes rubber vulcanization to form shorter cross-linking bond, increases new cross-linking bond and increases cross-linking density. In addition, it can also improve the aging properties and thermal properties of vulcanizates.
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