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What is Inconel 718 alloy?

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Update time : 2023-05-08 10:45:31
What is Inconel 718 alloy?
Inconel 718 alloy is a precipitation-hardening nickel-chromium-iron alloy containing niobium and molybdenum, also called nickel-based high-temperature alloy. It has high strength at 700°C, good toughness and corrosion resistance in both high and low-temperature environments. The delivery condition can be solid solution treated or precipitation hardened.
Inconel 718 is a hardenable alloy with excellent plasticity and can be machined into complex parts. It has good welding characteristics, especially because it can effectively suppress the phenomenon of welding cracks, and the effect is relatively obvious.
Inconel alloy 718 has good plasticity, ductility, fatigue properties, creep properties, and tensile strength, so it is widely used in various fields. It is more typically used for liquid rockets, cylinders, protective sleeves and formed metal plates on various aircraft, ground gas turbine engines and cryogenic storage tanks. It can also be used for fasteners and instrument parts.
Characteristics of Inconel 718 alloy
Inconel 718 is a nickel-based high-temperature alloy with high strength properties and high-temperature resistance. It also shows significant protection against corrosion and oxidation. High-Temperature Alloys - Inconel - Turbine Blades High-temperature alloys or high-performance alloys are non-ferrous alloys that exhibit excellent strength and surface stability at high temperatures. Their ability to operate safely at high melting points (up to 85% of the melting point (T m ), expressed in degrees Kelvin, 0.85) is their key characteristic. High-temperature alloys are typically used at temperatures above 540 °C (1000 °F), where ordinary steel and titanium alloys are losing their strength and where corrosion is common in steel. At high temperatures, high-temperature alloys maintain mechanical strength, resistance to thermal creep deformation, surface stability and resistance to corrosion or oxidation. Some nickel-based high-temperature alloys can withstand temperatures in excess of 1200°C, depending on the composition of the alloy. High-temperature alloys are usually cast as single crystals, and while grain boundaries can provide strength, they can reduce creep resistance.
Characteristics of Inconel 718 alloy
1. Easy machinability
2. High tensile strength, fatigue strength, creep strength and fracture strength at 700°C
3. High oxidation resistance at 1000°C
4. Stable chemical properties at low temperature
5. Good welding performance
Inconel 718 alloy has excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking and pitting in both high and low-temperature environments. Inconel 718 alloy has particularly good oxidation resistance at high temperatures.
Applications of nickel-based high-temperature alloys
Due to its high-temperature strength and excellent corrosion resistance and ease of machining at 700°C, Inconel 718 alloy can be used in a wide variety of demanding applications.
1. Steam turbine
2. Liquid fuel rocket
3. Cryogenic engineering
4. Acidic environment
5. Nuclear engineering
Currently, nickel-based high-temperature alloys account for more than 50% of the weight of advanced aircraft engines. Nickel-based high-temperature alloys include solution-strengthened alloys and age-hardened alloys. Age-hardening alloys consist of an austenitic (fcc) matrix with a coherent precipitated (Al, Ti) intermetallic compound of Ni 3 dispersed in the matrix with an fcc structure. Nickel-based superalloys are alloys with nickel as the main alloying element and are preferred over cobalt or iron-based superalloys as blade materials in the applications discussed earlier. For nickel-based superalloys, what is important is their high strength, creep resistance, and corrosion resistance at high temperatures. Turbine blades are usually cast in directional solidification form or in single crystal form. Single crystal blades are mainly used in the first row of turbine stages.
Inconel 718 alloy supplier
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