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What is calcium acetylacetonate?

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Update time : 2019-10-21 16:01:47
Given the shortcomings of traditional fatty acid calcium heat stabilizers, scientists have successfully synthesized calcium acetylacetonate with high thermal stability and non-toxicity through molecular design and showed excellent thermal stability and resistance in practical applications. Aging can.
Calcium acetylacetonate is a white powder with a characteristic odor, stable nature, and easy to react with oxidants. The pH is 10.5 (concentration of 10 g/l at 20 ° C), melting point is 270.4 ° C, and decomposition point is 277-284 ° C. Soluble in acidic water, slightly soluble in methanol and water.



The robust phase method is a synthetic method for studying relatively hot acetylacetonate in recent years. The technique has many advantages: no solvent, fast reaction, mild conditions, simple operation, high selectivity, high yield, low energy consumption, and environmental friendliness. It has universal applicability and can eliminate the adverse effects of solvent on functional complexes, and avoids the shortage of water as a solvent in the liquid phase method, prolonged reaction time and low yield.


Calcium acetylacetonate is a weak, weak acid and cannot directly react with inorganic metal salts. The solid base is here first reacted with weakly acidic calcium acetylacetonate to form pure metal salts of calcium acetylacetonate. In such compounds, chelation is not dominant, and they have typical salt properties. The reaction of calcium acetylacetonate with a solid base is an acid-base neutralization reaction in which calcium acetylacetonate loses hydrogen to form acac, and acac encounters a positively charged metal ion in the metal calcium to create a stable calcium acetylacetonate.


The solid base and calcium acetylacetonate are added to the mortar for grinding for a few minutes in a specific ratio. Then a certain amount of metal calcium is added. After adding the metal calcium, it is ground into a thin paste and further grinding into a stable powder, and the solid phase reacts for a while. The unreacted material was dissolved by soaking in water, and calcium acetylacetonate was obtained by filtration and purified to purchase a product.




This product can be used as an additive, including halogenated polymers, mainly used in PVC plastics as light stabilizers, heat stabilizers, and antioxidants. It can significantly extend the service life of plastic products so that plastic products can maintain their original color and transparency for a long time. It is a non-toxic new type of plastic stabilizer, which is superior to the organic tin series stabilizer. It meets the requirements of the RoHS environmental protection directive and is an environmentally friendly product that replaces lead-containing additives. Calcium acetylacetonate is widely used in various industries, especially in the fine chemicals industry, and is a cost-effective product among heat stabilizers. Calcium acetylacetonate can be used as a promoter for resin hardening. Calcium acetylacetonate can act as a resin crosslinker, a resin, a rubber additive, a superconducting film, a heat reflecting glass, and a transparent conductive film-forming agent.


Usage and dosage:


Calcium acetylacetonate is added during the high-temperature synthesis of the product. The dosage is 1-2.5% of the product (due to the different quality standards of the raw materials produced by each manufacturer, the dosage should be based on the test).

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