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What are the applications of microsilica powder?

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Update time : 2021-09-22 08:40:45
Nano crystalline silicon refers to crystalline silicon particles less than 5 nanometers (1 billion (1G) of a meter) in diameter. Nano silica powder has the characteristics of high purity, small particle size and uniform distribution. With the characteristics of large surface area, high surface activity and low loose density, the product is non-toxic and tasteless. Nano silicon powder is a new generation of photoelectric semiconductor material, which has a wide gap energy semiconductor and is also a high-power light source material.
1. Application of silica powder concrete in the industry
The concrete mixed with micro-silica powder has the characteristics of high strength, good adhesion and cohesion, and can increase the forming thickness. In water conservancy and hydropower projects such as long-span bridges and offshore oil drilling platforms, the concrete with micro-silica powder can improve its anti-seepage, anti-corrosion and anti-impact abrasion properties. In the process of road construction, micro-silica powder can greatly improve the early strength and wear resistance of concrete.

2. Silicon powder as cement mixing material
Micro silica powder is used as an admixture in cement production in some countries. The strength of cement increases significantly with the increase of the content of micro silica powder. Micro silica powder can effectively improve the compactness and secant elastic modulus of cement, and significantly improve the corrosion resistance and creep of cement, but the water absorption rate and volume quality of cement will decrease. Therefore, when mixing micro silica powder into cement, attention should be paid to the problems of water absorption and volume quality reduction.
3. Application in refractory industry
Silica dust is widely used in the refractory material industry, mainly used to prepare high-temperature ceramics, ladle material, high-temperature wear-resisting material, breathable brick, refractory castable and so on. Micro silicon powder can improve the fluidity, volume density and strength of refractory, improve the cohesion and high-temperature performance of refractory, prolong the service life of refractory, and realize the internal dust digestion and clean production in ferrosilicon and industrial silicon smelting enterprises.
4. Application in metallurgical pellets
Some North American enterprises also mix silica and micro silica powder to make pelletizing ore as raw materials for electric furnace reduction and smelting of silicon and found that the silicon recovery rate is normal and the energy consumption per unit product remains unchanged.
Because micro silica powder can be prepared by high-temperature calcination or alkali solution, high value-added utilization of micro silica powder can be realized in the preparation of silica aerogel whether using micro silica powder or sodium silicate as the silicon source. Silica aerogel prepared by micro silica powder as a silicon source has the characteristics of high porosity, high strength, low density, good heat insulation, and non-toxic, which is expected to be widely used in aerospace, construction, medicine and other industries.
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