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What are the advantages of gallium nitride?

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Update time : 2022-09-23 14:45:32
What is gallium nitride?
Gallium nitride is a kind of binary III/V direct band gap semiconductor, which is very suitable for high power transistors which can work at high temperature. Since the 1990s, it has been widely used in light emitting diodes (LED). Gallium nitride emits blue light and is used for reading Blu-ray discs. In addition, gallium nitride is used in semiconductor power devices, radio frequency components, lasers and photonics. In the future, we will see GaN in sensor technology.
In 2006, enhanced GaN transistors (sometimes called GaN FET) were made by using metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) to grow a thin layer of GaN on the AIN layer of standard silicon wafers. The AIN layer acts as a buffer layer between the substrate and the GaN.
This new process enables gallium nitride transistors to be produced in the same existing factories as silicon, using almost the same manufacturing process. By using known processes, this can achieve similar low manufacturing costs and reduce barriers to the adoption of smaller transistors with significantly improved performance.
For further explanation, all semiconductor materials have so-called band gaps. This is the range of energy in which there are no electrons in the solid. To put it simply, the band gap is related to the electrical conductivity of solid materials. The band gap of gallium nitride is 3.4 eV, while that of silicon is 1.12 eV. Gallium nitride's wider band gap means it can withstand higher voltages and temperatures than silicon MOSFET. This wide band gap enables gallium nitride to be used in optoelectronic high power and high frequency devices.
The ability to operate at higher temperatures and voltages than GaAs transistors makes gallium nitride an ideal power amplifier for microwave and terahertz (ThZ) devices such as imaging and sensing in the future market.

What are the advantages of gallium nitride?
Reduce energy costs. Because GaN semiconductors are inherently more efficient than silicon, they consume less energy in the form of heat, resulting in lower system size and material costs.
Higher power density (smaller volume). Higher switching frequencies and operating temperatures than silicon lead to lower cooling requirements, smaller radiators, conversion from liquid cooling to air cooling, elimination of fans and reduced magnetism.
Higher switching frequency. The higher switching frequency of GaN devices allows the use of smaller inductors and capacitors in power supply circuits. Inductance and capacitance are proportional to frequency-a 10-fold increase in frequency leads to a 10-fold reduction in capacitance and inductance. This can lead to a huge reduction in weight and volume as well as cost. In addition, higher frequencies can reduce noise in motor drive applications. High frequency can also carry out wireless power transmission with higher power, greater spatial degree of freedom and larger transmit and receive air gap.
Lower system cost. Although GaN semiconductors are usually more expensive than silicon, by using GaN, you can reduce the size / cost of passive inductor and capacitor circuit components, filters, cooling, and other components, thereby reducing system-level costs. Savings range from 10% to 20%.

Gallium nitride charger
GaN is a material that was first used in semiconductors in chargers. It has been used to make LED since the 1990s, and it is also a popular material for solar cell arrays on satellites.
In terms of chargers, the main advantage of GaN is that it generates less heat. Less heat means that the components can be more closely integrated, so the charger can be smaller than ever, while maintaining all power functions and safety standards.

Is gallium nitride better than silicon?
Silicon has been the preferred material for transistors since the 1980s. Silicon has better electrical conductivity than previously used materials, such as vacuum tubes, and can reduce costs because its production costs are not too high. For decades, technological improvements have led to the high performance we are used to today. Progress can only go so far, and silicon transistors may be close to the level they are about to reach. In terms of heat and electricity transfer, the nature of the silicon material itself means that the component cannot become smaller.
Gallium nitride is different. It is a crystal-like material that conducts higher voltages. Electric current can pass through components made of GaN faster than silicon, thus speeding up processing. GaN is more efficient and therefore has less heat.
A transistor is essentially a switch. A chip is a component that has hundreds or even thousands of transistors in a small space. When GaN is used instead of silicon, everything can be held together more closely. This means that more processing power can be packaged into smaller space. Small chargers can do more work than large chargers, and they can do it faster.

What are the advantages of gallium nitride charger?
Lightweight and takes up less space, it is very suitable for travel. When it has enough power to power everything from mobile phones to tablets and even laptops, people only need a charger.
Heat is a major factor in determining how long electronic devices can work, and chargers are no exception. GaN's efficiency in transmitting energy results in less heat, so modern GaN chargers will work much longer than non-GaN chargers made in the past, even for a year or two.
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