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Titanium Diboride Powder Properties And Applications

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Update time : 2021-07-06 08:51:04
As a new type of ceramic material, titanium diboride has considerable reasonable performance, with excellent chemical stability, electrical conductivity, and mechanical properties at high temperatures.

Titanium Diboride Powder Properties

The titanium diboride powder is gray or gray-black and has a hexagonal (AlB2) crystal structure. The melting point of titanium diboride is 2980°C and it has high hardness. The anti-oxidation temperature of titanium diboride in the air can reach 1000℃, and it is stable in HCl and HF acid.

Titanium diboride is similar to graphite's boron atom layered structure and Ti outer layer electrons determine that TiB2 has good conductivity and metallic luster, and the Ti-B bond between the boron atom surface and the titanium atom surface determines the material features of high hardness and brittleness.

The resistivity of titanium boride is very similar to that of pure iron, so its application in functional materials is very useful. Based on the electrical properties of titanium boride, it can be made into flexible PTC materials.


Titanium Diboride Powder Applications

Titanium diboride and its composite materials can be combined with other metals and ceramic-based polymers to form a series of new materials with commercial application value.

Titanium diboride can be used as a grain refinement and particle strengthening additive. It can be mixed into aluminum-based, copper-based titanium-aluminum alloy and iron-based materials to greatly improve the mechanical and physical properties of the material.

Titanium diboride has excellent electrical conductivity and excellent resistance to molten metal corrosion. It can be used to make evaporating vessels, molten metal crucibles, aluminum electrolytic cell cathodes, spark plugs and other electrode and contact head materials.

Due to the good wettability of titanium diboride and metal aluminum liquid, using titanium diboride as the cathode coating material of the aluminum electrolytic cell can reduce the power consumption of the aluminum electrolytic cell and prolong the life of the electrolytic cell.

Titanium diboride can be used to make ceramic cutting tools and molds. It can manufacture finishing tools, wire drawing dies, extrusion dies, sandblasting nozzles, sealing components, etc.

Titanium diboride can be composited with silicon carbide, aluminum nitride, boron nitride, titanium carbide and other non-oxide ceramics, or it can be composited with alumina and other oxide ceramic materials. A large number of experimental studies have shown that the new prepared The composite material has more excellent mechanical strength and fracture toughness, which can be one of the high-quality materials for making armor protection materials.

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