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Synthesis of Nanodiamond Powder By Detonation Method And The Application In Various Fields

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Update time : 2020-03-24 15:08:53

In 1963, Soviet scientists discovered that nano-diamond powder, also known as Ultra Dispersed Diamonds (UDDs), could be born from nuclear explosions caused by carbon-based explosives. Since then, people have begun to use the detonation method to prepare this promising material.

Synthesis nano-diamond powder by detonation method:

Although nano-diamond powder can also be obtained by hydrothermal synthesis, ion bombardment, microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition technology, etc., compared with them, the detonation method has faster reaction speed, higher efficiency, and can save energy. It has now become nano-diamonds. One of the main industrial production methods.

The production efficiency of nano-diamond powder synthesis by the detonation method is relatively high. The principle is to convert the carbon element of the explosion system to diamond by the high temperature and high pressure generated during the explosion. A nano-diamond-containing black powder, which is thermodynamically stable, is prepared by this method.

The black powder is treated with a special process to obtain gray nano-diamond powder. The recovery rate is about 8-10% of the mass of the explosive used, the diamond particle size is 5-10nm, and the purity is about 95-97% after chemical purification.

Application of nanodiamond powder:

The unique properties of nanodiamonds make them widely used in the fields of precision polishing and lubrication, chemical catalysis, composite coatings, high-performance metal-based composite materials, chemical analysis, and biomedicine, and have shown good application prospects.

Nano-diamond powder polishing pastes and suspensions are used in semiconductor silicon wafers, magnetic computer heads, radio, medicine, machinery manufacturing, gemstone, and other industries to precisely polish materials. Its advantage is that it can obtain a mirror effect on any solid, and the surface roughness value Ra can reach 2 - 8nm.

Adding nano-diamond powder to the lubricating oil changes the sliding friction into rolling friction. The surface of the friction pair is gradually modified to form hard and smooth metal carbides. Its anti-friction and anti-wear effect is unmatched by organic chemical methods, which can improve Engine and transmission working life, saving fuel oil, reducing surface wear, etc.

Nano-diamond powder has the dual characteristics of nano-particles and super-hard materials. It can be used to make reinforced rubber and reinforced resin. This application plays a significant role in improving the material's thermal conductivity, polymer degradation temperature, strength, and wear resistance. So that nano-diamond has broad development prospects in the field of new composite materials.

The nano-diamond film has many excellent properties in terms of optical properties, not only having excellent light transmittance, high refractive index, but also good wear resistance and chemical resistance. Therefore, the nano-diamond film is an ideal film material for most optical windows. The optical glass with nano-diamond film protective coating can significantly improve the ability of the optical lens to resist rain, sand, and scratches under extreme conditions, and it can also play a protective effect even in high temperature and radiation environments.

Although nano-diamond powder has excellent performance and many uses, at present, many fields, such as biomedical and environmental protection engineering, are in the early stage of exploration. Although their added value and prospects are reasonable, there are too many technologies that need to be tackled, and there will be no related products in the short term. In terms of product maturity, cost performance, and market recognition, the more reliable applications are still in the fields of ultra-precision polishing, lubricants, and composite coatings.

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