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Properties And Application of Titanium Carbide Based Cermet

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Update time : 2020-11-02 11:25:52

Properties of Titanium Carbide:

Titanium carbide (TiC) is an iron gray crystal with a metallic luster by itself. It has several characteristics similar to metals: such as high melting point, boiling point and hardness, and the hardness is second only to diamond, and the thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity are also very good. It also exhibits superconductivity at extremely low temperatures. Therefore, this substance is often used to manufacture cermets, hard alloys, heat-resistant alloys, anti-wear materials, high-temperature radiation materials, and other high-temperature vacuum devices.

Properties of Titanium Carbide Based Cermet:

Titanium carbide ceramics, as a typical transition metal carbide, is inherently brittle and cannot be directly used as engineering components. Therefore, it is usually used as a reinforcing phase in composite materials, and more often used as a coating in the material field. Application and attention, such as the emergence of titanium carbide-based cermets.

Titanium carbide-based cermet is a heterogeneous composite material composed of metal or alloy TiC ceramic phase. It combines the high strength, high hardness, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance and chemical stability of ceramics, as well as metal The toughness can be used to make high-temperature thermocouple protective sleeves and crucibles for smelting metals used in reducing and inert atmospheres.

Application of Titanium Carbide Based Cermet:

1.Cutting metal tools: The new titanium carbide-based cermet is a tool material that has developed rapidly in recent years. It has high comprehensive performance and its wear resistance is much higher than that of ordinary cemented carbide under the same cutting conditions. In high-speed cutting, the wear resistance is 5 to 8 times higher than that of YT14 and YT15 cemented carbide. At present, titanium carbide-based cermets have been made into various blades, which are used for precision boring of holes and "turning instead of grinding" and other finishing fields.

2.Aerospace industry: TiC/Cu cermet prepared by high-temperature sintered framework infiltration process has good ablation resistance and has the potential to be used as rocket throat lining and guard plate materials.

3.Others: The metal-based ceramic lining synthesized by centrifugal casting of SHS method can be used as anti-corrosion pipeline for the transportation of petroleum or chemical products and semi-products, and also can be used as anti-wear pipeline for mines, and beneficiation plants as slurry transportation pipelines. It can also be used in water pipelines with muddy water...

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