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Nano silver substitution trend is irreversible!

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Update time : 2019-06-14 15:45:10
Nanowires will first replace infrared

With the development of the display industry and the shortage of indium resources and high processing cost of ITO conductive films, the industry has been looking for alternative solutions, including nanowires, metal grids, carbon nanotubes, graphene and so on. Among many alternative materials, silver nanowires are more advantageous in terms of technology and process maturity. In addition, they are flexible, which is expected to replace other conductive materials with flexible display of east wind.

Nanosilver is the main material for Nanosilver wire, due to the features of Nanosilver, the Nanosilver wire has excellent ntibacterial ability,safety and no pollution which use as the antibacterial agents in many filed.

"With the current process, silver nanowires will first be used in large scale applications as an alternative to infrared touch technology.""The substitution is already very obvious," du said. "the large-size products of silver nanowires have gained customers' recognition, especially in the electronic whiteboard market, which is expected to see big growth in 2019."

In the electronic whiteboard market, infrared touch control is mainly adopted at present. Infrared transmitting tube and receiving tube are arranged in the raised border, so as to form infrared optical network on the screen surface, and finally realize positioning and touch control.However, this scheme is vulnerable to light interference and its stability is not good enough to meet the current touch demand of the large screen market.The silver nanometer touch technology can avoid these problems, and has advantages in sensitivity and smoothness, which is more in line with the development trend of the real market.

2020 will be the next flashpoint

As we all know, in addition to large size display, small and medium size display represented by smart phones is the main battlefield.Although the global smartphone market has begun to slow down, considering its large population base, small and medium-sized markets are also essential for silver nanowires to truly go mainstream.

"The global slowdown in smartphone growth is an opportunity for silver nanowires to replace ITO conductive films.""Whether it's facial recognition, the full screen, or the hot AI feature, the smartphone industry needs revolutionary innovation," du said.For now, foldable phones are a good idea.As the size of the screen increases, you have to bend it if you want to carry it around.On the other hand, there is a huge market opportunity for new product experiences and business models if the screen is foldable."

The final step in breaking through the nanowire

As we all know, in terms of ITO alternative materials, silver nanowires have attracted the attention of the industry for a long time, and many enterprises have carried out research, development and investment.However, the technology of silver nanowires has not been applied on a large scale. In addition to the very mature application of ITO conductive film, the production, manufacturing, storage and patent of silver nanowires are considered as important factors limiting their development.

For silver nanowires, it is obviously not realistic to completely replace ITO conductive films. The biggest opportunity lies in completely new application scenarios in the future.As jiang huaihai said, silver nanowires can better meet the rapidly changing and innovative product demand, and the trend of replacing traditional conductive materials is irreversible!

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