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High performance of spherical molybdenum powder

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Author : Ada
Update time : 2022-12-05 11:52:16
What is the role of Spherical molybdenum powder?
Spherical molybdenum powder is widely used in plasma surface spraying and welding of high-speed wear-resistant parts, such as the precision forming of electronic components, high-performance targets, and 3D printing. The quality of the unique molybdenum powder products with high added value and high-tech content prepared from the molybdenum powder produced by the traditional powder metallurgy method directly determines the process stability and product performance of the three following application fields.Molybdenum powder (Mo) has a strong reduction, and often react with the oxidizer to form molybdenum oxide, molybdenum sulfide, molybdenum carbide, molybdenum fluoride and molybdenum chloride and other molybdenum compounds, these molybdenum compounds after a series of processing into molybdenum rod, molybdenum electrode, molybdenum strip and other molybdenum products.
Where is the irreplaceable property of spherical molybdenum powder?
Molybdenum has good high-temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, and chemical stability characteristics. Widely used in aerospace, atomic energy, national defense, oil exploitation, machinery manufacturing, automobile spraying, electronics, electrical, metallurgy, steel, and other modern industrial technology, it is one of the six significant advantages of minerals in our country, known as the "strategic metal." Spherical molybdenum powder, as an essential intermediate product of rare metal molybdenum, belongs to the new material industry with "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" development planning "rare metal materials" high technology content of deep processing materials, has large granularity, high loose density, high mobility, appearance rounded and a series of significant physical and chemical performance, in high-end surface spraying, advanced target production, 3D printing is irreplaceable.
Whether the different standard levels affect the performance of the spherical molybdenum powder?
Spherical molybdenum powder pine ratio and flow rate are two indicators in the spraying; the field of precision molding significantly impacts the product and directly determines the spraying efficiency and molding mold filling. Therefore, the spherical molybdenum powder has a loose loading density; the powder liquidity index is different, and the use of the spherical molybdenum powder is further. The specific service and requirements of spherical molybdenum powder determine the chemical composition of spherical molybdenum powder. The needs of the field of spherical molybdenum powder use determine the physical properties of spherical molybdenum powder.
The price of Spherical molybdenum powder
The different price of Spherical molybdenum powder purity is also different. The market price of Spherical molybdenum powder is in the process of dynamic change. If you need it, you can ask us at any time.
Spherical molybdenum powder supplier
TRUNNANO (aka. Luoyang Tongrun Nano Technology Co., Ltd.) is a reputable global chemical material supplier and manufacturer with 12 years of experience providing high-quality chemical materials and manufacturing processes. Currently, our company has successfully developed a series of powder materials. OEM service is available. If you are looking for Spherical molybdenum powder , please contact us or click on the needed products to send us an inquiry. 
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