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High fluidity 3D printing tantalum powder

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Update time : 2024-06-26 09:49:48


One of the most exciting and relevant applications of tantalum in the medical field is in the production of medical implants using 3D printing technology. Spherical tantalum powder, a high-level medical material, is particularly well-suited for this application due to the excellent biocompatibility and good mechanical properties of tantalum metal. In the fields of orthopedics and plastic surgery, tantalum materials are highly regarded for their unique properties and the potential they offer for customized, patient-specific implants.

Tantalum (Ta) has an atomic number of 73, an atomic weight of 180.95, a light gray with a slightly bluish tint, a hard texture, a hardness of 6-6.5 Mohs, second only to diamond, a density of 16.68g/cm3, a melting point of 2996°C, and a high elastic modulus of 186-191GPa in the solid state. After cold working, tantalum has a tensile strength of 200-300MPa, is extremely malleable, and has an elongation of 10-25%, similar to cartilage. Recently, its tensile strength has been higher than other traditional porous materials; its Vickers microhardness is 240-393MPa, bending strength is 110MPa, compression strength and tensile strength are 60MPa and 63MPa respectively, buckling strength is 10nm, elastic modulus is about 3GPa, between cortical bone and cancellous bone, similar to cancellous bone of humans and cattle. Its honeycomb three-dimensional porous structure, similar to the cancellous bone of the human body, can avoid stress shielding effect and is called "trabecular metal."


Tantalum (Ta)

One of the key advantages of tantalum in the medical field is its exceptional biocompatibility. Tantalum is a biologically inert metal, meaning it does not readily cause immune responses or rejections in the human body. This property makes tantalum an ideal material for the production of medical devices and implants that are intended for long-term implantation. Spherical tantalum powder, prepared through a special process, further enhances the compatibility of implants with human tissues, ensuring their safety and effectiveness.

Osseous integration properties: Studies have shown that tantalum can promote the attachment and growth of bone cells, which is called "osseointegration" properties. This means that tantalum implants can effectively integrate with the surrounding bones, helping to speed up the recovery process and enhance the stability of the implant site.

X-ray transmittance: Compared with metals such as titanium, tantalum shows a lower radiopacity under X-rays, which means that doctors can more clearly observe the healing of bones around the implant through X-rays or CT scans, which is very important for postoperative monitoring.

Morphological adaptability: The use of spherical tantalum powder can produce complex shapes and highly customized implants through advanced technologies such as 3D printing to match the patient's specific anatomical structure accurately. This personalized implant can better meet clinical needs and improve surgical success rates and patient satisfaction.

Scope of application: Spherical tantalum powder medical implants are widely used in bone defect repair, joint replacement, spinal fusion surgery, oral and maxillofacial surgery, and plastic surgery. Tantalum implants have shown unique advantages, especially in complex fractures, reconstruction after tumor resection, and cases requiring highly customized solutions.

Tantalum Powder


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