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Application of graphene in lithium-ion batteries

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Update time : 2021-11-12 11:57:52
Based on the special physical and chemical properties of graphene, graphene has great development potential in the field of electrode material research. According to different application fields, the application of graphene materials in lithium-ion batteries can be roughly divided into three categories: the application of graphene in cathode materials, the application of anode materials, and other applications in lithium-ion batteries.

Application of graphene in cathode materials
For lithium-ion batteries, the applicable cathode material should meet the characteristics of large reversible capacity, high and stable potential, non-toxicity, and low production cost. At present, the more common cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries are mostly lithium iron phosphate materials, but LiFePO4 has poor electrical conductivity and low lithium ion mobility. If LiFePO4 material is compounded with graphene, theoretically, its conductivity can be improved and the rate performance can be improved.
Due to the particularity of graphene materials, relatively little research has been done on graphene materials in terms of positive electrodes. Studies have shown that the hydrothermal method directly covering graphene on the surface of LiFePO4 to make composite materials has an unsatisfactory rate performance improvement effect. The reason may be the stacking or destruction of the graphene material structure.
The study found that the material formed by half-wrapping LiFePO4 with graphene can improve the conductivity of LiFePO4 material, but the ion transmission efficiency decreases after full-wrapping it, and it is speculated that it may be because lithium ions cannot pass through the six-membered ring structure of graphene. Some researchers have ultrasonically mixed LiFePO4 nanoparticles and graphite oxide to prepare LiFePO4/graphene composites with a more processed microstructure. After the material is further coated with conventional carbon, the specific capacity of lithium insertion is greatly improved, and it can still be maintained at about 70mAh/g under the condition of high rate of 60C.

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